Curriculum Plan


Post Master's DNP Degree -- Full-time Option


1st Semester CR 2nd Semester CR 3rd Semester CR 4th Semester CR
N800-Scholarly Foundations for Adv Practice 3 N802- Epidemiology 3 N806-Health Informatics 3 N808-Ethics and Health Care Policy 4
N801- Biostatistics 3 N804-Clinical Scholarship and Analytic Methods for EBP 3 N807-Organizational and Systems Leadership 4 N823-Residency III 4
N803-Project Planning 3 N821-Residency I 2 N822-Residency II 4


N805-Preventive Care for Populations 3                      
Credits 12 Credits 8 Credits 11 Credits 8
Total Credits- 39     
Students requiring additional residency hours must register for N809*
*N809 Advanced Directed Studies 3-6 credit hours

NO MORE THAN ONE-THIRD OF THE HOURS REQUIRED FOR THE DEGREE MAY BE TRANSFERRED. For collaborative degree programs (Master's of Science in Nursing) and academic partnerships (Doctor of Nursing Practice) with other universities, at least one-third of the credit hours required for graduation must be earned through instruction offered by Southeastern.