Curriculum Plan

Post Master's DNP Degree

1st Semester CR 2nd Semester CR 3rd Semester CR 4th Semester CR
N800-Scholarly Foundations for Adv Practice 3 N802- Epidemiology 3 N806-Health Informatics 3 N808-Ethics and Health Care Policy 4
N801- Biostatistics 3 N804-Clinical Scholarship and Analytic Methods for EBP 3 N807-Organizational and Systems Leadership 4 N823-Residency III 4
N803-Project Planning 3 N821-Residency I 2 N822-Residency II 4


N805-Preventive Care for Populations 3                      
Credits 12 Credits 8 Credits 11 Credits 8
Total Credits- 39     
Students requiring additional residency hours must register for N809*
*N809 Advanced Directed Studies 3-6 credit hours