and Curriculum Information


I. Departmental Advising Policies

Students are responsible for being sure they have met all graduation requirements. Students must familiarize themselves with the University General Catalogue under which they registered as a Psychology major. 

Students must have an updated curriculum sheet in hand prior to being advised. 

During Spring semester, students should be advised for both the Summer and Fall semesters.


II. General Information Concerning the B.A. Degree in Psychology 

Total Hours Required for Graduation 

120 hours must be earned for the Bachelor's degree in Psychology


Graduation Requirements: 

In addition to completing a total 120 hours in the curriculum detailed below, a student must have an overall adjusted average of 2.0 in all Psychology courses. The final 30 hours must be earned at Southeastern. Also, half of the required Psychology hours and at least 25 percent of credit semester hours must be earned at Southeastern. Any exceptions must be approved by the Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.


Computer Science or Foreign Language Requirement: 

A total of 12 hours in either Computer Science or Foreign Language is required. If you choose Foreign Language, you must take the 12 hours in sequence.


English Requirement: 

Twelve (12) hours in English are required. English 101 and 102 are required of all majors. In addition, student must earn six (6) hours credit selected form English 230, English 231, or English 232.


History Requirement: 

A total of six (6) hours in History is required. Students must earn credit for either History 101 and 102 OR History 201 and 202.


Mathematics Requirements: 

A total of six (6) hours of Math is required. Students may take Math 105 first and then either Math 151 or 161 or take Math 151 or 161 first followed by Math 162, Math 163, or Math 165. The latter sequence is recommended for students intending to pursue graduate school. In no circumstance will credit for Math 241 (Elementary Statistics) satisfy the mathematics requirement in psychology.


Natural Science Requirement: 

A total of 12 semester hours in the Natural Sciences is required of all students. These credits are to include General Biology 151 and Biology Lab 152. In addition students are required to take 4 credit hours of Physical Science and this is to include a 3 credit lecture course and an accompanying lab. Physics, Chemistry, and Space and Earth Sciences all are Physical Sciences. Lastly, students are required to complete 4 additional credit hours (a 3 credit lecture course and an accompanying lab) that sequences from General Biology 151/152 or from the physical science course.


Social Science Elective Requirement: 

Students are required to earn three (3) hours of credit in Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Criminal Justice, or Geography.


Oral Proficiency Requirement: 

Psychology Majors must earn credit for Communication 211.


Art, Music, Theater Requirement: 

Psychology majors are required to earn credit for two of the following for six (6) hours: Art 105 or Art 106, Music 151, and Theater 131. The student may not take Art 105 and Art 106 to fulfill the 6 hours.


Sociology Requirement: 

In addition to the Social Science elective above, Psychology majors are required to earn credit for three (3) hours in Sociology.


Psychology Requirement: 

Psychology majors are required to take a total of 34 hours in the major field. See the catalog for the required elective courses and prerequisites.



Psychology majors are required to have 21 hours of any other elective including Psychology electives. 



Honors Track


A Psychology Honors Track is available for students in the University Honors Program. The Psychology Honors Track provides an upper division research mentorship. See the catalog for a full description of the Honors Track.