Applied Sociology

Applied Sociology

Application Procedure

Separate applications are required by (1) the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and (2) the Southeastern Graduate Admissions Office.


1. Applicants should be send directly to the Graduate Coordinator: (a) letter of application, (b) short autobiographical essay, (c) resume, (d) an official or unofficial transcript, (e) two letters of recommendation, and (f) GRE scores. If English is not your native language, your TOEFL score is also required. Photocopies of both your transcript record and your TOEFL grades are suitable for the Department application. Send the required documents to the following address:

Dr. John Boulahanis
Graduate Coordinator
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Hammond, LA 70402


2. Applicants should send the Graduate Admissions Office: (a) an official transcript from all the universities that you have attended, (b) your official GRE score reports, (c) a completed “Application for Admission” form, (d) a completed immunization form, and (e) the application fee. Send these materials to the following address:

Enrollment Services
Graduate Admissions
SLU 10752
Hammond, LA 70402