Internship Information

Internship Information

The Internship Option is taken after the completion of the required 30 hours of course work. The internship involves application of sociological principles to work within an organization, agency, community, institution, or business setting, depending upon students' area of interest. An agency supervisor, student's major professor, and the Internship Committee supervise the work. Students may choose to register for 6 credit hours of SOC 701 for one semester or 3 credit hours of SOC 701 for two consecutive semesters.

Students are not allowed to enroll in the Internship (SOC 701) with outstanding grade(s) of "I" or "F" in other courses. Additionally, no student will be allowed to enroll in the Internship with outstanding grade(s) of "C" in core classes (601, 602, 603, 604, 605, or 606).


Here are examples of some of our recent graduate internships:




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