Applied Sociology

Applied Sociology

Program Requirements

To receive the Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Sociology Degree, students must:

1. Satisfactorily complete 36 of graduate coursework as outlined below.

a. No more than 6 hours of 500 level coursework may be counted toward a degree.

2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on all coursework.

a. No grade of “D” or “F” may be counted toward a degree. All course to be counted toward a degree in which a “D” or “F” is earned must be repeated with a grade of at least “C.”
b. No more than 6 hours of “C” grades may be counted toward a degree.

3. Complete either an Internship or Thesis option as discussed below.

4. Be recommended for the degree by the Graduate Faculty Committee.

5. Meet all requirements for the M.S. in Applied Sociology degree within 6 years of enrolling in the M.S. in Applied Sociology program.

The following courses are required:

SOC 601 Complex Organizations 3 hours
SOC 602 Social Stratification and Structured Inequality 3 hours
SOC 603 Applied Social Theory 3 hours
SOC 604 Applied Research Design and Methodology 3 hours
SOC 605 Advanced Statistics for Applied Sociology 3 hours
SOC 606 Evaluation and Assessment 3 hours
Concentration Electives 12 hours
SOC 701 Field Internship or SOC 770 Thesis Research & Thesis 6 hours
TOTAL 36 hours

Areas of Concentration

Criminal Justice Globalization and Sustainability
SOC 620 Applied Criminological Theory SOC 625 Population Policy
SOC 630 Race, Gender, Class & the C. J. System SOC 650 Applied Study Abroad
SOC 635 Applied Crime Mapping in the Social Sciences SOC 655 Applied Environmental Sociology
SOC 640 Forensic Anthropology SOC 660 Participatory Research and Popular Education
SOC 645 Dimensions of Homicide

May be used in any concentration when appropriate and approved by the Graduate Coordinator in the Applied Sociology program

Electives must be selected from one area of concentration.

SOC 500 Independent Study

SOC 500 Level Courses

SOC 595 Special Topics Seminar