Leslie Flucke Memorial Scholarship

Leslie Flucke Memorial Scholarship in Applied Sociology

The Leslie Flucke Memorial Scholarship in Applied Sociology was developed by the faculty, friends and family to honor the memory of her passing. The student may receive this scholarship for 4 semesters, as long as he or she continues to meet the requirements.


Application Requirements:


  • The student must have achieved a minimum 3.0 grade point average as an undergraduate, and must maintain a graduate school grade point average of 3.30.
  • A one page letter of introduction/essay must accompany the scholarship application, detailing career goals and how this scholarship may work to achieve these goals.
  • The student must be regularly admitted to, and be a full time student at, Southeastern in the Graduate Program of Applied Sociology. (A full-time graduate student is defined as a student enrolled in 9 hours of credit courses per semester.)


Click here for a copy of the application.