They're Taking Our Jobs

Afraid the job market will be taken over by robots? Nervous that your skills will not be viable in an automated world? Majors in Sociology and Criminal Justice Department can help you choose a successful career that is automation-proof. 

With the rise of automation in the marketplace, many individuals are fearful their jobs will be taken over by machines. Imagine spending time, money and hard work learning the skills for a job only to lose that job because it proves quicker and cheaper for a robot to do it!

Though this sounds stark, do not fear! There are viable jobs that prove to be robot-proof. A career path in the field of sociology and criminal justice can provide you with the ability to build interpersonal skills, empathy, awareness and analytical skills that a robot could never accomplish. Listen to some of these stories to learn how degrees like those in our department can help you be an agent of change and flourish in an increasingly automated world.


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