Southeastern Sociology Association (SSA)

The Southeastern Sociological Association (SSA) is an organization that seeks
to enhance sociological knowledge, educate the community about social issues,
and prepare members for positions in the field of sociology. Members welcome
opportunities to interact and interface with other organizations and individuals
who work for social change. Membership in SSA is open to any Southeastern
student, regardless of major, who has had at least one sociology course and
wants to make the world a better place for the whole human race. SSA: because
the world is SSA-backwards!


Membership Requirements:


Students in any major who have had at least one sociology course and want to
make the world better for everyone can join by coming to a meeting (on Tuesdays
at 4:45 p.m. in Fayard Hall, Room 236), by visiting the SSA website, visiting our Facebook page at by contacting


For more information about the Sociology Club, please contact Mr. Russell Castro.