Faculty and Staff


Dr. Colleen Klein-Ezell

Title: Professor, Department Head

Co-Adviser, Student Council for Exception Children

Location: TEC 2004 A

Phone: (985) 549-2221

Email: colleen.klein-ezell@southeastern.edu


Ms. Lisa Kea

Title: Department Head Assistant

Location: TEC 2004 B

Phone: (985) 549-2221

Email: lisa.kea@southeastern.edu


Ms. Deborah Daigle

Title: Administrative Assistant

Location: TEC 2004 A

Phone: (985) 549-2221

Email: deborah.daigle@southeastern.edu


Faculty & Staff


Dr. Kitty Ainsworth

Title: Instructor

Location: TEC 218

Phone: (985) 549-5852

Email: Mary.Ainsworth@southeastern.edu


Mrs. Jill Barry

Title: Instructor

Location: TEC 234 J

Phone: (985) 549-3219

Email: Jill.Barry@southeastern.edu



Dr. Heloise Aucoin

Title: Director of Field Experiences

Location: TEC 201 C

Phone: (985) 549-2199

Email: Heloise.Aucoin@southeastern.edu


Dr. Gerlinde Beckers

Title: Associate Professor

Location: TEC 214

Phone: (985) 549-3030

Email: Gbeckers@southeastern.edu


Ms. Beth Berry

Title: Instructor/ Undergraduate Coordinator

Location: TEC 2018 A

Phone: (985) 549-5257

Email: bberry@southeastern.edu


Ms. Jeanne Brooks

Title: Instructor

Location:  TEC 228 D

Phone:  (985) 549-5330

Email: jeanne.brooks@southeastern.edu


Dr. Celina V. Echols

Title:  Professor

Location: TEC 228 C

Phone: (985) 549-3430

Email: cechols@southeastern.edu


Dr. Cynthia Elliot

Title: Professor

Location: TEC 2018J

Phone: (985) 549-5269

Email: celliott@southeastern.edu


Ms. Paulette Felder

Title: Instructor

Location: TEC 215

Phone: (985) 549-5096

Email: mfelder@southeastern.edu


Dr. Stacy Garcia

Title: Instructor

Location: TEC 2018 B

Phone: (985) 549-5244

Email: stacy.garcia@southeastern.edu


Dr. Debra Jo Hailey

Title: Assistant Professor

Location: TEC 2018 F

Phone: (985) 549-3217

Email: debra.hailey@southeastern.edu


Ms. Stacy Jemison

Title:  Instructor

Location: TEC 232 E

Phone: (985) 549-5248

Email: stacy.jemison@southeastern.edu


Dr. Tracey Kumar

Title: Assistant Professor / Teacher Development Coordinator

Location: TEC 234 F

Phone: (985) 549-2173

Email: tracey.kumar@southeastern.edu


Dr. Melanie Lemoine

Title: Instructor of Special Education, AVATAR Project Coordinator

Location: TEC 232 B

Phone:  (985) 549-5234

Email: melanie.lemoine@southeastern.edu


Dr. Janelle Lorenzen

Title: Assistant Professor 

Location: TEC 2018 G

Phone: (985) 549-5551

Email: janelle.lorenzen@southeastern.edu


Ms. Michele Mayberry

Title: Instructor

Location: TEC 2018 I

Phone: (985) 549-3756

Email: Michele.Mayberry@southeastern.edu


Dr. Deborah McCarthy

Title: Associate Professor

Location: TEC 2018 D

Phone: (985) 549-5260

Email: Deborah.McCarthy@southeastern.edu


Dr. Shirley McDonald 

Title: Lecturer / Library Science Coordinator

Location: TEC 2018 Q

Phone: (985) 549-2221

Email: Shirley.Mcdonald@southeastern.edu 


Mrs. Amy Pratts 

Title: Instructor 

Location: TEC 2018 E

Phone: (985) 549- 5264

Email: amy.pratts@southeastern.edu


Dr. Ellen Ratcliff

Title: Assistant Professor / Director of Student Teaching

Location: TEC 1018 D

Phone: (985) 549-3915

Email: mratcliff@southeastern.edu

Ms. Susan Sawyer

Title: Instructor

Location: TEC 216

Phone: (985) 549-3425

Email: Susan.Sawyer@southeastern.edu


Ms. Mary Ellen Scherer

Title: Instructor

Location: TEC 217

Phone: (985) 549-3218

Email: Mary.Scherer@southeastern.edu


Dr. Paige Schulte

Title: Associate Professor, Apprenticeship Site Coordinator

Location: TEC 2018 C

Phone: (985) 549-5274

Email: pschulte@southeastern.edu


Dr. Wendy Siegel

Title: Associate Professor

Location: TEC 213

Phone: (985) 549-3421

Email: wsiegel@southeastern.edu


Ms. Reneisha Singleton

Title: Lecturer

Location: TEC 203

Phone: (985) 549-3637

Email: renesiha.singleton@southeastern@edu


Ms. Stefanie Sorbet

Title: Instructor / Assistant Director, Library of Congress - Teaching with Primary Sources

Location: TEC 232 F

Phone: (985) 549-2407

Email: Stefanie.Sorbet@southeastern.edu



=Dr. John Trowbridge

Title: Professor

Location: TEC 2018 H

Phone: (985) 549-5242

Email: jtrowbridge@southeastern.edu


Dr. Cherissa Vitter

Title:  Instructor of Music Education / IB Program Coordinator

Location:  TEC 232C

Phone: (985) 549-5248

Email:  cherissa.vitter@southeastern.edu


Dr. Elizabeth Wadlington

Title: Professor

Location: TEC 228 B

Phone: (985) 549-5265

Email: bwadlington@southeastern.edu


Dr. Tish Walters

Title: Instructor

Location: TEC 234 A

Phone: (985) 549-5241

Email: letitia.walters@southeastern.edu


Dr. Camille Yates

Title: Associate Professor/ PASSPORT & NCATE Coordinator

Location: TEC 201 B

Phone: (985) 549-2406

Email: cyates@southeastern.edu


Ms. Valerie Young

Title: Instructor

Location:  TEC 232 A

Phone: (985) 549-5263

Email: valerie.young@southeastern.edu


Dr. Susan Zimlich

Title: Assistant Professor

Location: TEC 2018 K

Phone: (985) 549-5083

Email: Susan.Zimlich@southeastern.edu