Teaching and Learning Ambassadors

SLU Teaching and Learning Ambassadors

The College of Education and Teaching and Learning Ambassadors assist Southeastern's Department of Teaching and Learning by representing the student population, recruiting prospective students, and promoting the Education department to parents and alumni.

Ambassadors work as a team to be spokesmen/spokeswomen at high school visits, recruiting events, on-campus events and participate in marketing and social media campaigns. Their goal is to enhance the student experience at Southeastern, and often participate in exclusive professional development and promotional activities.  

To apply, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be full sarte status and maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Must be enrolled in and successfully complete six (6) units per semester at Southeastern
  • Must be a student in good standing and not on Academic, Progress, or Disciplinary Probation or Suspension
  • Must have an updated Education Plan on file at all times
  • Must commit to working a full academic semester

To learn more about how to become an ambassador, please contact Mrs. Elizabeth B. Berry by emailing her at Elizabeth.Berry@southeastern.edu.

If you would like to be an ambassador, click here!


Meet Our Ambassadors

Teaching and Learning Ambassadors Lion Up


Ambassador Ashley Armato 

Ashley Armato

 Pearl River, LA
 Early Childhood Education

"Hi my name is Ashley and I’m a sophomore Early Childhood Education major from Pearl River, Louisiana. I came to Southeastern because I was already comfortable here and it was a small and home-like school!"



Ambassador Cole Crousillac
Cole Crousillac

Prairieville, LA
Early Childhood Education

"My name is Cole Crousillac and I am a Sophomore from Prairieville, Louisiana.  My major is Early Childhood Education Grades, Pre-K-3. I am a part of Phi Mu. I attended Southeastern Louisiana University because of the environment and involvement on campus. Southeastern has one of the best education programs and it makes you real world ready before you enter the field."


Ambassador Maya Garnier

Maya Garnier

Plaquemine, LA
Social Studies Education

My name is Maya Garnier and I am 22 years old. Currently, I am a senior majoring in Social Studies Education here at Southeastern Louisiana University. I am from Plaquemine, Louisiana which is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes from Hammond. My parents’ names are Marc and Annie, and I have a younger sister named Morgan. Also, I have a dog by the name of Peppa who still sleeps at the foot of my bed, even when I am not at home. Here at Southeastern I am involved as a Student Ambassador for the Department of Teaching and Learning, Secretary of Kappa Delta Pi, and President of Gamma Beta Phi honors society.  I enjoy cooking, reading, touring museums, traveling, and make-up. I chose to come to Southeastern because of the family oriented environment and it’s amazing and thriving Education department. I knew this was the best decision for me because I felt right at home immediately after arriving on campus.


Ambassador Bayli Hickson

Bayli Hickson

Slidell, LA
Elementary Education, Grades 1-5

"My name is Bayli Hickson and I am an Elementary education major from Slidell, LA. I love Southeastern because it is my home. I went into college very shy and quiet, but quickly came out of my shell. I met some amazing people and have made countless memories with my friends. I am truly grateful to Southeastern for giving me the opportunity to be who I truly am."



Ambassador DeJuan James

DeJuan James

Hammond, LA
Elementary Education, Grades 1-5

"My name is DeJuan James, aka DJ, from Hammond, Louisiana. I am a sophomore Elementary Education major, and I am at Southeastern because the environment became a second home for me. The people have been incredibly unique, supportive, and have helped mold me into a better student and leader on campus. 




Ambassador Kaela McKenzie

Kaela McKenzie

New Orleans, LA
Elementary Education, Grades 1-5

"My Name is Kaela McKenzie and I am a Sophomore from New Orleans, LA. My major is Elementary Education, Grades 1-5. The reason I chose Southeastern Louisiana University to further my education to become a teacher is because I fell in love with the beautiful campus and the city of Hammond. Southeastern is really family oriented and everyone makes you feel at home. Most importantly they have the best education program that makes sure you have everything you need to succeed."


Ambassador Gabriella Negron

Gabriella Negron

Early Childhood Education

"Hello! My name is Gabriella Emma Negron, but you can call me Gabby! I’m a sophomore here at SLU and I’m an Early Education major. I love to travel and eat new food. A few places I’ve been are Vegas, California, Oklahoma. A little fact about me, my first name was supposed to be Emma."


Ambassador Jessica Nesom

Jessica Nesom

Livington, LA
Middle School Education

"My name is Jessica Nesom and I am from the small town Livingston, Louisiana. I am a second semester sophomore here at Southeastern, majoring in Middle School Education with a focus in Math and Science. While I did not initially plan on attending Southeastern, I am grateful to have ended up here. I honestly could not imagine attending school anywhere else. I am passionate about my major and excited to encourage others to recognize the importance of passionate educators."

Ambassador Makenzie Plaisance
Makenzie Plaisance

Hammond, LA
Middle School Education

"My name is Makenzie Plaisance and I am from the beautiful town of Hammond, Louisiana. I am a second semester sophomore here at Southeastern and I am passionate about majoring in Middle School Education with a focus in Science and Math. I have always had a strong interest in science and, after working in a school for a year, I realized I also had a strong interest in educating young people and helping them develop interests for themselves. It is the greatest privilege to help cultivate a passion for learning in students and I recognize and respect the honor it is to be an educator. "

Ambassador Abby Songy

Abby Songy 

Slidell, LA
Elementary Special Education, Grades 1-5

"My name is Abby Songy, from Slidell, LA. I am currently a sophomore studying Elementary Special Education, grades 1-5. I knew I wanted to be an educator and choosing my college was an easy decision for me. Southeastern’s education department and its home-like community attracted me more than any other university I toured."