Dennis Sipiorski

Professor of Ceramics


Clark Hall 114
(985) 549-2494

Dennis Sipiorski

Professor Dennis Sipiorski received a MFA in Ceramics from the University of Notre Dame and has two degrees in Education from the University of Wisconsin.

Excerpt from Arts & Activities, Oct. 2000

During the 25+ years I've spent in Louisiana, my art work has changed many times. I am mainly a storyteller and my work illustrates the images and subjects in my day-to-day world. The style of my work is flat and direct. I use many media in addition to clay- metal, watercolors, oils, photography. Each media is picked because of the unique qualities that it brings to the finished piece.

Clay is soft and moves easily, metal is hard and strong. Photography stops time and is a shadow of a moment. My images come from many sources in my past and present- growing up in the Midwest, Catholic school, college and southern Louisiana. Many of my current images come directly from my backyard- frogs, rabbits, cats, birds, fish, alligators, dogs, armadillos, snakes, along with plants, flowers, banana trees, magnolias, etc. The relationship of these images- how I place them on the piece- creates the stories.

I'm not trying to create a new art form. My work simply tells the viewer what I consider important in my life. All of these subjects have been used many times throughout the centuries. All of these past images are noted and sometimes incorporated into my work. I hope my stories are universal to the viewer. I want my work to ask questions about life, but not necessarily produce all of the answers.