Prepare to embark on your journey by working with a career advisor in a supportive atmosphere, exploring your own unique personalityinterests, values, and skills.

Visit Future Students for resources specific to your needs. 


An Effective Career Planning Process Involves:


Understanding where you are in the exploration process includes assessing what you know, what you need to know, and determining the steps that will help you answer those questions. 


Meeting with your SE 101 Instructor/advisor and exploring the online Occupational Outlook Handbook or O*NET's occupational information are ways to start the exploration process. You can also explore our "What can I do with My Southeastern degree" page.

Making Decisions

Learn how you currently make decisions and how to use other effective methods of decision-making. Career advisors can help you clarify the decision(s) to be made, assess the need for additional information, identify alternatives, weigh the costs and benefits of each, and choose the option which best meets your needs.

Developing an Action Plan 

Meet with your advisor and use your Reflection Activities and Summary Sheet to create a plan for declaring your new major.