What can I do with my KINESIOLOGY degree?


Southeastern Options

  • Physical Education

  • Health Promotion and Exercise Science

  • Athletic Training

  • Sports Management

  • Dance


Employers of Kinesiology Majors

  • Professional Sports Organizations

  • National Amateur Sport Governing Bodies

  • U. S. Olympic Training Center

  • Sports Marketing/Events Management Firms

  • Retailers and Marketing Firms

  • Private Corporations & Corporate Fitness Facilities

  • Fitness Clubs, Spas, Sports Clinics

  • Sports Medicine Clinics

  • Campus Recreation Departments

  • Hospitals

  • Sporting Goods Stores

  • College Athletic Departments

  • Schools

  • Community Recreational Programs

  • Sports Governing Bodies

  • Events Management Firms

  • Sports League Conferences

  • Marketing & Public Relations Firms

Related Occupations for Kinesiology Majors

Some of these occupations may require additional education at Graduate or Professional schools. For information on qualifications and career specifics consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook or other career resources. Also, take advantage of career counseling offered by the Center for Student Excellence.

Adventure Trainer

Personal Trainer


Physical Education Teacher

Athletic Administration

Professional Athlete

Athletic Coach

Professional Dancer

Athletic Trainer

Professional Sport Manager

Camp Director

Public Relations

Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapist

Recreational Facility, Spa or

Health Club Manager

Cardiovascular Fitness Instructor

Recreational Sport Management


Referee or Umpire

Community Center Manager

Sales Marketing

Dance Critic

Sporting Events Manager/Promoter

Dance Instructor

Sporting Goods Manager

Dance Therapists

Sporting Goods Retailer or Manufacturer's Rep.

Events or Facility Manager/Marketer

Sports Agent

Exercise Physiologist

Sports History

Exercise Science & Fitness Manager

Sports Information

Field Supervisor for Parks & Recreation

Sports Media

Fitness/Wellness Manager

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Health Club or Spa Manager

Ticket Manager

Health/Fitness Consultant



Preparing for a Job in Kinesiology

  • For physical education option: Consider securing teaching certification. Develop the ability to motivate and teach students. Develop good interpersonal and communication skills.

  • For athletic training option: Consider obtaining certification by NATA. Acquire teaching certification. Attend conference. Work in student fitness center.

  • For dance option: Consider obtaining part-time or volunteer work in recreational or community facility teaching dance to children. Work in a summer camp program or community theatrical productions.

  • For exercise & fitness management: Consider attending graduate school. Obtain summer or part-time employment in health clubs. Become an aerobics instructor. Work in student fitness center. Attend trade shows. Join professional organizations. Attending conferences. Work with sports conditioning programs or in on-campus cardiac rehabilitation program.

  • For sports management option: Consider part-time jobs with intramural department or community recreation department as a supervisor or sports official. Volunteer with youth leagues. Attend conferences and join professional organizations such as NIRSA/NRPA. Work toward certification as recreational sport specialist. Work in summer camps. Work with SMSPA (Sport Management Student-Professional Association events. Volunteer in Athletic Dept.


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