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Academic Advising Freshmen Orientation

Academic advising is a form of teaching that both stimulates and supports students in their quests to identify and achieve personal, educational, and career goals. It is a systematic process based on close advisor-student relationships intended to aid students in acquiring skills and attitudes that promote their intellectual, social, and personal development. Through advising, students are taught to take ownership of their learning, to be accountable for their choices, to generate solutions to problems, and to recognize and meet expectations for success.


Responsibilities of CSE Advisors and Senior Advisors:

  • Establish early positive contact with incoming freshmen before and during orientation

  • Access freshmen characteristics to identify potential at-risk students

  • Instruct SE 101 courses

  • Provide substantial academic advising and course selection advice to freshmen during freshmen orientation

  • Provide substantial academic advising and course selection advice to freshmen during the first two academic semesters of attendance

  • Develop relationships with freshmen students that promote student success, including but not limited to monitoring students' progress, communicating with them about their academic progress, and making them aware of pertinent deadlines

  • Coordinate freshmen programming with the the Undergraduate Coordinators (Senior Advisors)

  • Coordinate correction and update of information regarding student services and curricula such that freshmen always have current and accurate information available via the CSE Web site and the Advising Handbooks (Senior Advisors)

  • Provide advisors with needed information and updates, e.g., curriculum changes, changes in academic policy (Senior Advisors)

  • Serve as conduits of information exchange with Undergraduate Coordinators, Academic Department Heads, and Deans on issues related to freshmen success (Senior Advisors)


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