CSE for Parents


Welcome to the Southeastern Family!


The freshman year is a year of transition, and students may often feel overwhelmed. Some may even drop out of school, posing problems for the students, parents, and University.

Southeastern is committed to providing resources for optimizing a successful transition from high school to college.

The Center for Student Excellence (CSE) serves as a point-of-contact for all incoming freshmen. All students are assigned an academic advisor who will guide them through their first-year experiences.

The CSE is located in the Student Union Annex, first floor north entrance.
You can contact the Center at 985-549-3981 or cse@southeastern.edu


Support programs in the CSE include

Advising by Major

Professional advisors, who understand the demands of the student's major as well as student development issues, will meet with your son or daughter at least twice during each of the first two semesters of college.

Career Exploration

Certified career advisors are available by appointment to help students who are undecided about their major. Up-to-date occupational information helps students understand college majors and job opportunities.

Free Tutoring

For students who want to be proactive in making good grades, academically excellent students are hired to provide tutoring in a variety of subjects. Tutoring is most effective for students who seek help BEFORE they make a low grade. The tutoring "no pen" policy means that your son or daughter will be actively engaged in the learning process.

Supplemental Instruction

Again, top students are hired and trained to work with a professor who teaches a "challenging" subject. These students (SI Leaders) attend the professor's classes and provide out-of-class help sessions to model and facilitate successful thinking for that subject.

Academic Support for Student Athletes

All student athletes are held to high academic standards. In addition to the programs outlined above, student athletes are provided a structured study environment called the "Lion's Table." This study group meets four nights a week. Tutoring, workshops, academic advising, and mentoring are provided.

SE 101

Southeastern (SE) 101 is a course designed to ensure first-year student success. The following is an excerpt from the course curriculum:

SE 101 - 2 credit hours: A student success course providing the tools that address the rigors of academic life at the university level. Topics include the purpose and value of higher education; the expectations and responsibilities of a college student; the development of analytical and metacognitive learning strategies; choosing the appropriate major and developing academic and career goals; and personal management during the college years. This course is required for all freshmen.

The format of the course is 50% online, using the computer platform "Moodle." Students are monitored and helped to succeed, which is something we want for all of our students. If your son or daughter contacts you with problems, your first question should be: "Have you spoken to your SE 101 instructor or CSE academic advisor?" The CSE was developed to help your son or daughter succeed and to bolster your confidence that someone will always be available.

Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA was enacted in 1974 to ensure the rights and privacy of students while pursuing a college education. For that reason, neither faculty nor staff can provide you with any information about your son or daughter and his or her progress in school. Click here for more information about FERPA and how it may affect you.