CSE Programs

(first two semesters or 30 hours)

Your Academic Advisor can assist you with

  • Identifying barriers to academic success

  • Monitoring your progress through academic mapping

  • Finding additional academic resources

  • Overcoming decision-making obstacles

  • Exploring Southeastern college majors

  • Learning how to use the on-line advising system

  • Course selection


Academic Support for Athlete Program (ASAP)

A Student Success Coordinator guides Student-Athletes through

  • Academic advising, planning, and counseling

  • Selecting courses that fit into the degree plan and meet team schedules

  • Insuring that the student is in compliance with NCAA rules

  • Grade monitoring with Online Progress Reports (OPR)

  • Creating interventions for academically at-risk student-athletes

  • Coordinating communication for students, faculty, and athletic staff

  • Extended evening hours for individual/group study, computer use, and learning assistance


Career Exploration

Come meet your Career Advisor and work together to

  • Discover your personality preferences

  • Investigate Southeastern majors

  • Explore career options

  • Examine and hone your decision-making process

  • Develop a plan of action to pursue your life, career, and academic goals



Qualified peer tutors are available to assist students with

  • Specific problems in common, difficult courses

  • Becoming active and engaged learners

  • Developing fundamental skills necessary for learning course content

  • Identifying and solving problematic areas to effectively master course content

Also available

  • Online academic enhancement workshops

  • Web resources