Amy Pellittieri

2010 Tutor of the Year

Picture of Amy PellittieriI am so honored to receive the Tutor of the Year award for Southeastern's Center for Student Excellence. When I first began working here in my sophomore year at college, I could never imagine the great experiences I would have in this job. Working in the tutoring lab has been so enjoyable for me. I've worked with some pretty amazing people and learned so many things. It's so fantastic to have a job you love and look forward to going to.


Throughout my experiences in the Center for Student Excellence, I learned many valuable lessons as I worked with the students. I found that being flexible is the key during tutoring, as well as being able to adapt my style to meet the students' needs. I like to use examples that students can relate to in order to make the topic more interesting, and I encourage active student participation during discussion.


As an education student, my job at the Center for Student Excellence has provided me with experience that will certainly be beneficial in my future career as a teacher. Each student's learning method is unique, and I enjoy the challenge it offers me in discovering a technique that fits the student's needs.  I learn so much from people I tutor through their struggles and obstacles.  It feels so good to hear about my clients' successes, and it fills me with such pride to think that maybe I made a difference, if just a little one, to someone.