David Ward

2009 Tutor of the Year

When Picture of David WardI initially started out looking for work at the Center for Student Excellence, I thought that tutoring was going to be an easy job because you get to tutor the classes that you have already taken and passed. However, as I can now state, this program has been life changing for me.


The experience of working in the CSE Learning Assistance Lab has been an amazing opportunity to make a difference in people's lives because you not only get the chance to help a student improve academically, but you may also help them emotionally adjust their learning attitudes and skills. The Center is a well-developed and well-led program, and everyone in the Center is seeking one thing: to make people better students who have the ability to succeed.  Based upon this statement alone, my personal experience has been extremely rewarding and has resulted in a potential goal of being either a doctor or a college professor.


I know that every tutor that comes to work is always striving for what we like to call the “AH HA!” moment.  With that kind of goal, our program should provide a very appealing aspect in the students' minds because they should feel comfortable knowing that they are going to get genuine, hard-working individuals who want students to succeed.