Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where can I find a tutor?

A. The Tutoring Center in the Center for Student Excellence, Student Union Annex, north entrance.


Q. Who can use the Tutoring Program?Group Tutoring

A. It is a FREE service provided by the University for currently enrolled and cross-enrolled students.

Q. Can I get one-on-one tutoring or only group tutoring?

A. For a collaborative learning experience, you will be matched with a group of four students who have the same instructor. 


Q. What courses are offered?

A. Targeted courses are those that have a large enrollment and have historically proven to be difficult, such as the following:

  • Mathematics

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biological Sciences

  • English

  • History

  • Foreign Languages

  • Accounting and Finance


Q. Can I get a tutor for a laboratory course?

A. Only the lecture portion of the course is available.


Q. Will a tutor be available during the finals week?

A. Scheduled and drop-in tutoring end the last day of classes.


Q. Who can be a peer tutor?

A. Peer-tutors are faculty-approved undergraduate students with a minimum 3.0 GPA having passed the courses to be tutored with an "A" or "B."  Tutors must be sophomores when beginning to work with at least one semester on campus.


tutoringQ. Are the tutors trained?

A. Extensive training begins prior to the beginning of the term and continues through the semester.  Training topics include: student motivation, client evaluation, Socratic questioning, tutorial facilitation, non-verbal communication, learning disabilities, etc.


Q. Can I get answers to my homework problems?

A. Sessions depend upon you being prepared and ready to participate in the learning process, thus finding your own answers and constructing your own knowledge.

Q. If I fail a test, should I get a tutor?

A. YES!  The sooner you apply, the better! 


Q.  Is there a list of available courses?

A.  Courses change each semester with the pool of qualified tutors, their available work hours, and the established, historic list of requests courses, therefore, a published list is not available.

Q.  Is tutoring just for freshmen?

A.  Everyone, freshmen through seniors, can use the tutoring services.  Course offerings do not include graduate courses.