Facts vs. Fiction


The Tutoring Center is located in the Student Union Annex, north entrance.

Group Tutoring

FICTION -- Tutors give undivided one-on-one assistance

FACT -- In order to serve as many students as possible, regularly scheduled appointments may include up to four students with the same instructor.  Drop-in tutoring on Friday mornings and Sunday evenings will vary with those seeking assistance.  A Wait time may occur.


FICTION -- Tutors provide answers to assignments

FACT -- Tutors are trained to provide guidance and facilitate learning so that you can achieve the correct answers and succeed on a test.


FICTION -- Tutoring can replace class time

FACT -- Tutors support students in clearing up minor problems and cannot replace class time or effective study habits.


FICTION -- Tutors know everything.

FACT -- Tutors are just like you.  They take courses taught by a variety of professors and may not b e familiar with every concept or homework assignment in each course.


FICTION -- Tutors pick and choose which students they help.

FACT -- Scheduling and assigning tutors is a process handled by the graduate assistants on duty.


FICTION -- Tutoring is available for lab courses.

FACT -- Lab courses are not covered in the Tutoring Center.


FICTION -- Tutoring continues through finals week

FACT -- All tutoring services end with the last day of classes and do not continue into finals week.


FICTION -- Private tutors are employed in the Tutoring Center.

FACT -- Tutor in the Tutoring Center are part of the University Work Study program.  You may contact us for information about hiring a private tutor, and we will solicit our staff for availability.  We are not connected to nor responsible for quality of service in private tutoring arrangements.


FICTION -- There is a list of all covered courses on the CSE Tutoring Center webpage

FACT --  Courses change each semester with the pool of qualified tutors, their available work hours, and the established historical list of requested courses.


FICTION -- Tutoring is just for freshmen or tutoring is for someone who is flunking.

FACT -- Tutoring is available for all underclassmen.  Tutoring is for anyone who needs help -- one or two questions or more.


FICTION -- Tutors will teach the material I missed by not taking the prerequisite course.

FACT -- A tutor can't teach you all the material you skipped; they need to concentrate on what is being covered in the course at this time.