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TGIF at the Tins         The TLC is offering regular tutoring sessions for the following courses: Math 175, 200, 241 and 247. Space is extremely limited. You will need to click here to schedule a tutoring session.

Summer at the Tins

Embedded Tutoring Begins Monday, June 6th

Need help with some of your courses this summer? 

The TLC is pleased to announce embedded tutoring at Southeastern. Embedded tutors attend the class that they will tutor. The tutors will be an extra set of hands during the class and will conduct tutoring sessions after the class ends.

Summer Embedded Tutoring Schedule



Sign Up for an In-Person learning session today!

Accudemia is a software program used by Southeastern students to schedule sessions with the Tinsley Learning Center. You can sign up for one session at a time or schedule a reoccurring appointment for the entire semester.

To see the list of classes that we tutor, click on the box Learning Sessions located below. To see the list of classes that we offer study sessions, click the box PASS located below.

Be sure to click on our Academic Support Button to the left to see ALL of the services that we offer.


I Don't Know How To Study!

Are you struggling with not making the grades? You spend time studying, but your grades do not reflect your work?

We are here to help! The Tinsley Toolbox is a self-paced badging program in Moodle that allows students to learn fundamental study skills.

Want to participate in this self-paced program? Please click on this link and complete the Google form.

Tinsley Toolbox Badging Program

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