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Candice Binder

Archival Collection




1. The Diary of William Porcher Miles by Henry H.W. Miles - 78 items

2. Index to the trial entitled The Succession of John Burnside - 14 items

3. The trial entitled The Succession of John Burnside - 260 items

4. The Succession of John Burnside-Petition of P.S. Wiltz - 67 items

5. The Succession of John Burnside-On the Application of P.S. Wiltz - 26 items

6. The Succession of John Burnside-Appeal from the Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans; Concurring Opinion - 47 items

7. The Succession of John Burnside-Attorney for Absent Heirs - 67 items

8. The Succession of John Burnside-Syllabus - 17 items

9. The Succession of John Burnside-On the Interventions of the State of LA, Robert Burnside Wilson and B.F. Jonas and Robert Mott, Attorneys for Absent Heirs; Brief on Behalf of the State of LA; Syllabus; Brief of the Part of the Absent Heirs; Rehearing - 58 items

10. The Succession of John Burnside-Extract from the minutes of Wednesday June 6, 1882 - 4 items