Vic Couvillion

Archival Collection


BOX 1 - Speeches


1. Artie Fellom Carpenter, Spring and Summer Speeches, 1979:

a) Hammond Chamber of Commerce, Installation Banquet, 18 January 1979.

b) F. F. A. Meeting, 19 January 1979.

c) District IV Honor Band, 20 January 1979.

d) Alumni Association Ninth Annual Installation Banquet, 27 January 1979.

e) Past President's Award, 27 January 1979.

f) Faculty Senate Meeting, 20 February 1979.

g) "No-Fee" Unemployment Insurance Seminar, 1 March 1979.

h) Business Forum, 14 March 1979.

i) Annual Awards Convocation, 18 April 1979.

j) Senior Awards Banquet, 19 April 1979.

k) 4-H Eastern Day, 28 April 1979.

l) Supervising Teachers and Principal's Conference, 24 April 1979.

m) Louisiana Special Olympics, 18 May 1979.

n) Gulf Regional Interstate Collegiate Consortium Meeting, n. d.

o) Freshmen Orientation Summer, 7 June 1979.

p) Summer Orientation Supper, June 6-12, 19, 26, and 7-10 July 1979.

q) Southeastern-Henington Yearbook Workshop, 18 June 1979.

r) Graduate Assistant Program at S. L. U., Spring 1979.

s) Graduate Council Annual Report, 25 May 1977 (2 copies).

t) School of Graduate Studies, New Regulations for Admission to Candidacy, not a speech, n.d.

u) Louisiana Special Olympics, 27 May 1977.

v) Association of Teacher Educators, 7-11 August 1977.

w) Louisiana University Police Association, 17 August 1979.

x) Faculty Newsletter No 1, 1979-1980.

y) Capital Outlay Projects in Progress--1979-1980.

2. Bickham, Jean, Fall 1979 and Spring 1980 Speeches:

a) Commencement Address, N. S. U. 2 May 1980.

b) Remarks, Dr. Knight's Retirement 10 May 1980.

c) Welcome 4-H, 26 April 1980.

d) Award Convocation, 23 April 1980.

e) Closing Remarks Senior Awards Banquet, 15 April 1980 (2 copies).

f) Welcome Professional Nurse's Month Reception, 25 March 1980.

g) Welcome N. C. A. T. E., 9 March 1980.

h) Welcome Academy of Science, 8 February 1980.

i) Welcome Chamber of Commerce, 25 January 1980.

j) Welcome Economic Symposium, 9 January 1980.

k) Welcome F. F. A. Judging Contest, 18 January 1980.

l) Welcome Alumni 10th Annual awards Banquet, 26 January 1980.

m) Presentation of Past President's Award, Alumni Association, 26 January 1980.

n) Welcome Academic Scholarship Day, 24 January 1980.


BOX 1 - Speeches (Continued)


2. Bickham, Jean, Fall 1979 and Spring 1980 Speeches: (Continued)

o) Address, Camp Moore, U. D. C. History of S. L. U., 19 January 1980.

p) Address, Covington Rotary Club, 8 January 1980.

q) Welcome Football Banquet, 28 November 1979.

r) Welcome High School Day, 15 November 1979.

s) Welcome Faculty In-Service Program, 15 November 1979.

t) Welcome Supervising Teacher's Conference, 8 November 1979.

u) Dedication of Student Government Park, 27 October 1979.

v) Welcome Pan-Hellenic Career Awareness, 16 October 1979.

w) Welcome Beta Clubs, 16 October 1979.

x) Address, University Standing Committees and Councils, 20 September 1979 (2 copies).

y) Welcome Public Energy Forum, 30 August 1979.

z) Welcome Faculty Convocation, 22 August 1979.

aa) Welcome Louisiana Special Olympics, 16 May 1980.

3. Speeches by Billie:

a) Welcome Henington Yearbook Workshop, 19 June 1978.

b) Graduate Assistant Survey (not a speech), n. d.

c) Address to Kiwanis Club, 24 January 1978.

d) Welcome Freshman Leadership Class, 6 Sep 1977 (2 copies).

e) Mandeville Chamber of Commerce, 18 October 1977 (2 copies).

f) Future Farmers of America, Invitational Judging Contest, 20 January 1977.

g) National Association of Laboratory Schools, Regional Conference, 21 October 1977.

h) Welcome High School Day, 17 November 1977.

i) Student Senate Banquet, 21 November 1977.

j) Fall Semester Conference for Student Teaching Personnel, 29 November 1977.

k) Sigma Lambda Upsilon Chapter Charter Night Banquet, 2 December 1977.

l) Evaluation Day Conference for Student Teachers, 12 December 1977.

m) A Tribute to Dr. Arnold Kilpatrick, 17 January 1978.

n) Welcome Alumni Association Awards Banquet, 28 January 1978.

o) Welcome Regional Science Fair, 10 March 1978.

p) Welcome Social Studies Fair, 14 March 1978.

q) Welcome Southern Literary Festival, 14 April 1978.

r) Welcome Louisiana Special Olympics, 15 April 1978.

s) Welcome Very Special Arts Workshop and Exhibition, 19-20 April 1978 (2 copies).

t) Welcome Awards Convocation, 20 April 1978.

u) Welcome Eastern Area 4-H Day, 22 April 1978.

v) Remarks All-Sports Banquet Honoring the Lady Lions, 24 April 1978.

w) Invocation for Lady Lions Sports Banquet, 24 April 1978.

x) Economic Symposium, 11 January 1978, includes speech, newspaper clipping, and program.


BOX 1 - Speeches (Continued)


4. Speeches by Connie:

a) Student Teachers Professional Day, 4 Sep 1975.

b) Notes on Higher Education for a Panel Discussion on General Problems in Education

(not a speech), 18 Sep 1975, (2 copies).

c) LEA-NEA Information Meeting, 18 Sep 1975.

d) Presentation Honorary Lifetime Membership, Mr. Billups, 4 October 1975 (2 copies).

e) Homecoming Alumni Banquet, 4 October 1975 (2 copies).

f) Welcome Ad Hoc Committee on Revision of Master Plan, (2 copies), 14 October 1975.

g) Welcome Louisiana Association of College and University Student Personnel

Administrators, 19 October 1975.

h) Student Senate, 27 October 1975 (2 copies).

i) Welcome Sixth District Retired Teachers' Meeting, 17 November 1975.

j) Welcome Consortium Meeting Louisiana Cooperative Education Association, 21 January


k) S. L. U. Alumni Association Sixth Annual Installation Banquet, 24 January 1976.

l) Annual High School District Speech Tournament, 6 February 1976.

m) Annual School Administrators' Conference, 10 February 1976.

n) Student Senate, 16 February 1976.

o) Florida Parishes Spring Garden Forum, 10 March 1976.

p) Social Studies Fair, 10 March 1976.

q) Louisiana Forensic Association Championship Tournament for Colleges & Universities, 23 March 1976.

r) Annual Awards Convocation, 26 April 1976.

s) Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Louisiana Probation and Parole Officers Association,

29 April 1976.

t) Spring Guidance Conference, 3 May 1976.

u) College of Business Advisory Board, 6 May 1976.

v) Senior Awards Banquet, 7 May 1976.

w) Commencement Address Southwood Academy, 17 May 1976 (2 copies).

x) Annual Convention Silver Anniversary Louisiana Music Teachers Association, 4

November 1976.

y) Student Teachers Evaluation of Education Program, 19 May 1976 (2 copies).

z) Welcome Annual Awards Convocation, 18 April 1978.

aa) Louisiana's Outstanding Educators, May 1976.

5. Dedicatory Speeches:

a) Welcome Teacher Education Center Dedication, 15 April 1973.

b) Nicholas Cefalu Coliseum Dedication, 14 April 1973.

c) Dedication of Harpsichord, 26 March 1973.


BOX 1 - Speeches (Continued)


6. Speeches by Iris Wiggins, Fall 1978-Spring 1979:

a) Introduction of the Honorable Edwin Edwards, Groundbreaking-University Center, 23

August 1979.

b) Louisiana Music Teachers' Association Convention, 26 October 1978.

c) Annual Meeting of Gulf Division, Dairymen, Inc., 30 Sep 1978 (2 copies).

d) Hammond United Way Fund, 29 August 1978.

e) Football Banquet, 28 November 1978.

f) Conference on Social Security and Income Tax Changes, 6 December 1978.

g) Phi Delta Kappa Annual Banquet, 8 January 1979.

h) B. S. U. Freshman Dinner, 18 January 1979.

i) Second Annual S. L. U. Economic Symposium, 10 January 1979.

j) Ponchatoula Kiwanis Club, 15 October 1978 (2 copies).

k) Hammond Exchange Club, 16 November 1978.

l) High School Day, 2 November 1978.

m) Newspaper clipping, "50 students attend S. L. U. foundation."

n) Newspaper clipping, "Johnston to speak at United Way kickoff."

7. Speeches by Paula:

a) Faculty Convocation, 18 August 1976 (2 copies).

b) High School Day, 4 November 1976 (3 copies).

c) High School Day, 17 November 1977.

d) Denham Springs Kiwanis Club, 4 August 1977.

e) Inauguration of Mayor and Councilmen, 1 September 1976.

f) First Meeting of Phi Delta Kappa, 16 September 1976.

g) Welcome Science Day, 15 October 1976 (3 copies).

h) Southeastern Development Foundation, 18 October 1976 (2 copies).

i) Welcome Circle K Club, 10 November 1976.

j) What's Right With Education? 22 November 1976 (3 copies).

k) B. S. U. Noonday Program, 29 November 1976 (3 copies).

l) Field Experiences, Commission to Reform Education in Louisiana, 30 November 1976

(2 copies).

m) Supervising Teacher Conference, 2 December 1976.

n) District IV Honor Band Concert, 22 January 1977.

o) F. F. A. Meeting, 28 January 1977.

p) Gulf Regional Interstate Collegiate Consortium, 31 January 1977.

q) Horace Belton Day, 3 February 1977 (2 copies).

r) Tri-State Parenting Conference, 15-17 February 1977.

s) School Administrators' Conference, 17 February 1977.

t) Annual Awards Convocation, 25 April 1977.

u) Province Weekend, 4-6 March 1977 (2 copies).

v) Guidance Accountability Workshop, 14 March 1977.

w) Fireman and Policeman Appreciation Banquet, 16 March 1977, (includes program).

x) Science Fair, 18 March 1977 (2 copies).


BOX 1 - Speeches (Continued)


7. Speeches by Paula: Continued

y) Social Studies Fair, 22 March 1977.

z) Louisiana Bankers Association's Young Adult Agribusiness Seminar, 15 April 1977.

aa) SGA Installation of Officers, 18 April 1977.

bb) Social Studies Conference, 3 May 1977 (2 copies).

cc) Awards Day 4 May 1977, includes two cover letters.

dd) Senior Awards Banquet, 5 May 1977.

ee) Louisiana PTA Convention, 6-7 May 1977.

ff) Evaluation Day Conference for Student Teachers, 16 May 1977 (2 copies).

gg) Welcome Convention of International Association of Personnel, 19 May 1977.

hh) Graduate Council Annual Report, 25 May 1977 (2 copies).

ii) Association of Teacher Educators, 7-11 August 1977.

jj) Eastern Area 4-H Day, 23 April 1977.

kk) Welcome Fellowship and Supper for Incoming Freshmen, 24 August 1977.

ll) Faculty Convocation, 23 August 1977 (2 copies).

mm) "Southeastern Louisiana University School of Graduate Studies, 1976," 7 Feb. 1977

nn) Fall Conference for Teachers, 15 October 1976.

oo) Louisiana School Supervisors' Association, 27 August 1976, not a speech.

pp) "Dear Friends" Athletes Welcome Letter, 27 May 1977, not a speech.

qq) School of Graduate Studies, New Regulations, Fall 1977, not a speech.

rr) Fall Conference Planning Committee, 24 September 1976, not a speech.

8. Speeches-Summer 1978:

a) Summer Orientation Luncheon, 23 & 20 June, 6 July 1978.

b) Workshop for the National Association of Social Workers, 14 June 1978.

c) Welcome to Mayor Morial and Entourage, 14 July 1978 (2 copies).

d) St. Tammany Parish Principals' Meeting, 17 August 1978.

e) Faculty Convocation, 21 August 1978 (2 copies).

9. Sources-America: its problems and outstanding characteristics:

a) The Working-Class Majority, Sidney Hillman Foundation Reprint.

b) What America Means to Me, January 1976, Taken from Reader's Digest.

c) Nation is in Trouble, Judge Allen Declares, Newspaper Article.

d) The Whale Oil, Chicken and Energy Syndrome, 25 February 1974.

e) Resources in America's Future, June 1963.

f) Graduate Comment Book, Wayne State University, 1968.

10. Sources-Assembly talks to youth:

a) From the Principal.

b) Thoughts.

c) The College Experience Ahead.

d) Personnel Assistant's Newsletter, 22 September 1975.

e) The Best of American Education, Learning Edition, book.


BOX 1 - Speeches (Continued)


11. Sources-Athletics and clubs:

a) Lifetime Sports Education Project.

b) The Lifetime Sports Foundation.

c) 51 Players win SLU Letters, newspaper article.

d) 3 Lions All-GSC, newspaper article.

e) SLU wins Last Game, but Title hopes Fade, newspaper article.

f) SLU Runs Away with GSC Title, newspaper article.

12. Record of Speeches written by:

a) Paula J. Lott

b) Donna Robbins

c) Carmen Franco

d) Katherine Clark

e) Janet Baranyai

f) Connie D. Magee


BOX 2 - Sources


1. Christmas

a) If Christmas were only Christmas, by David Lawrence, U. S. News & World Report,

December 28, 1964.

2. Circle K Club

a) What is Circle K?

b) Confront the Issues.

c) Concern: Disadvantaged Youth.

d) The first step/Aid to Institutionalized Persons.

e) Understanding: Pathway to Human Dignity.

f) Get Involved: Committee on Circle K Clubs, 1969-70 Official Program.

3. Civil Defense

a) Community and Family Service for Civil Defense, February 1964, booklet.

b) School Boards Plan for Civil Defense, August 1965, booklet.

c) Current Status of Civil Defense in Schools, With Guidelines for Action, June 1966,


d) Schools and Civil Defense, booklet.

4. Colonels' Pride (Women’s Drill Team)

a) Southeastern Louisiana College, program for Colonels’ Pride.

b) May good fortune and success come to all of you in the future, newspaper article.

5. Education

a) "A College Goofs," newspaper article.

b) "A thought for everyday in July," by Rev. W. A. "Dub" Nance, Chaplain, Holiday Inns,

Inc., Holiday Inn./July 1971.

c) Educators Stereotyped, by Billy L. Turney, PDK Magazine, November 1966, p. 135.

d) Dr. Rigdon quoted Dean Robert at the College Conference, 3/1/63 in New Orleans.

e) Dallas Meeting, 18 February 1960 (booklet and notebook).

d) Twelfth Annual College Night, "Don't go to College," Dover High School, 20

November 1961 (speech).

f) On the Threshold..., National Dairy Council, 26 January 1970, speech.

g) How Good are your Schools?, 2 March 1959, pamphlet.

h) Discipline, Democracy and You, 1968, pamphlet.

i) Education's good side: an exposure, newspaper article.

j) Schools in Transition, July 1971, editorials.

k) How Children Fail, by John Holt, from the Foreword Why do they Fail?.

l) Promotion of Academic Excellence, speech.

m) National Assessment of Educational Progress Newsletter, March-April 1972.

n) The Case for Balance, Address given at American Council on Education, 3 October

1963, speech.

o) The Understanding Professor, by Art Buchwald, newspaper article.


BOX 2 - Sources (Continued)


5. Education Continued

p) School Board Plagued Still, by Ryan Field, Principal's Salaries; No Action Taken,

newspaper article.

q) Patriotism: A Spirit of Oneness, speech.

r) The Writing Laboratory: A means of Improving Composition, by Lavinia M. McNeely.

6. Education Today

a) "Education, a Year-Round Job," Baton Rouge Morning Advocate, 12 November 1968.

b) "Report Cards? Phooey!," Hammond Daily Star, 12 November 1968.

c) Activity of the American College Testing Program, newsletter, Vol. IX, No. 1, January


d) "A Proposed Graduate Program in Education," by John Bremer, Phi Delta Kappan


e) "Study says Integration requires shared Authority," Education U. S. A., 15 February

1971 (xerox copy).

f) "The University Today," The Baptist Faculty Paper, Nashville, TN, Vol. XI, No. 2,

Spring 1968.

g) "New Directions in Higher Education," The Baptist Faculty Paper, Vol. XVI, No. 2,

Fall 1972.

h) "Secondary Schools and Colleges: a struggle for stronger links," Danforth News and

Notes, Vol. 6, No. 4, July 1971.

i) "A University at a Crossroads," LSU Outlook, Vol. 21, No. 2, March 1974.

j) Bulletin, Vol. XXIV, No. 1, March 1971.

7. The Future of Education

a) "Education for the Future," unidentified publication, August 1971.

8. Educational Opportunities

a) Education Opportunities in Hammond, speech, 14 May 1969.

b) Community Education, St. Charles Parish Schools Spring 1977 Schedule.

9. Adult Education

a) Louisiana Vocational Education Conference Address, pamphlet, 22 August 1963.

b) Thirtieth Annual Conference for School Administrators, pamphlet, 18 October 1963.

c) Louisiana School Supervisors Association Conference, pamphlet, 28 January 1964.

d) Louisiana Principals' Association Annual Conference, pamphlet, 9 April 1964.

e) Decentralization! What does it mean to Adult Education?, unidentified publication,

August 1971.

f) The Role of Adult Education in Community Education, unidentified publication, August


g) Community-Adult Education-A Prospectus, unidentified publication, August 1971.


BOX 2 - Sources (Continued)


10. Continuing Education

a) Institute for Communication Research, Stanford University.

b) Campus Correspondence to Walter Butler from Clarence E. Golemon, 24 January 1972.

c) Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, two letters, 17 January 1972 and 20 January 1972 (about 4-H Contest Day on the SLU Campus).

11. Educational Progress

a) "SLU, Parker, area: A pattern of growth," newspaper article, 11 May 1973.

b) "What are we Learning about Experiential Learning?," Regional Spotlight, Vol. VI, No.

3, Nov/Dec 1972.

c) "Fundamental American Freedoms will not survive without trained Educational Leadership in a system of Free Universal Public Education," speech given at the Leadership Conference of the Louisiana Teachers Association, 12 August 1963.

d) Facts on Louisiana Education, brochure, April 1975.

e) "Louisiana Education Drags Feet," The Times-Picayune, 18 October 1970.

f) National Assessment of Educational Progress, booklet, Vol. 3, No. 2, Winter 1970.

g) Request for a New Degree Program in Law Enforcement, speech, August 1970.

h) "What the Police Can-and Cannot-Do About Crime," Time, 13 July 1970.

i) "SLU: $50 Million a Year for Hammond," SUN, 24 August 1975.

12. First Aid, Safety and Health

a) Your Fire-Safe Home . . . , brochure.

b) Child Accidents Report, index cards.

c) Guide to a School Pedestrian Safety Program, booklet, January 1965 (2 copies).

d) When the Unexpected Happens, booklet, 1960.

e) As a Pedestrian on the Sidewalk, I am Courteous - As a Driver on the Streets, Am I Courteous?, test brochure.

f) Card on Fire Prevention and Fire Laws

g) Rushin' Roulette, 1963 Book of Street and Highway Accident Data.

h) Card on how to safely fly a kite.

i) Are you safety conscious?, checklist brochure.

j) PTA Signals for Safety, booklet, 1966.

k) Doctor advises on How to have Heart Attack, newspaper article.

l) Burglary Prevention.

m) Annual Report Forms on Safety, 27 March 1967 (4 copies).

n) "Kidproofing" the Backyard Pool, June 1966.

o) Report, Safety Workshop, Region VII, National Congress of Parents and Teachers,

Theme: "Guiding Children and Youth to Freedom from Accidental Injuries," 22-23

November 1965.

p) Safety, book, March/April 1967.


BOX 2 - Sources (Continued)


13. Graduation

a) "Graduates Told World is now in Crisis Age," newspaper article, 18 January 1964.

b) "Rules of Game," newspaper article, 18 January 1964.

c) "Let's Keep on Being Human," newspaper article, 18 January 1964.

d) "Advice for Graduates," newspaper article, 3 June 1969.

e) Nicholas Von Hoffman Graduation Speech, 1970.

14. Growth of Knowledge

a) Tomorrow is Unbelievable Today!, The Baptist Program, August 1970.

b) "Key to self-confidence: cross new frontiers, All Things Considered" newspaper article.

15. Guidance

a) "A Baker's half-dozen suggestions for Improving your business letters," PTA Newsletter,

November 1976.

b) Quotes Sheet

c) "13 Reasons Why Job Seekers Are Rejected," Career Guidance Digest, December 1966.

d) "Thoughts," from Holiday Inn Champion.

e) "Medical Breakthrough: A Simple Test to Combat Strokes."

16. Honor Society

a) Desirable Traits for National Honor Society Membership.

17. Importance of Education

a) Factors Influencing Student Choice of College and Course of Study, Reprint from

Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 47, May 1970, pp. 326-330.

b) Students Enrolled for Advanced Degrees, Preliminary Report, booklet, Fall 1969.

c) Introductory Statement about Louisiana's Economy, speech.

18. Interdisciplinary Programs

a) Interdisciplinary Programs, Graduate School Review, Vol. XI, July 1970.

b) Positive Discipline, October 1960.

19. Jaycee

a) Service to Humanity: The Jaycee Future, pamphlet, 1969.

20. Library

a) The Harry Truman Library, Independence, Missouri, pamphlet.

b) School Activities and the Library, 1963.

c) Student Library Committee, 1969.


BOX 2 - Sources (Continued)


21. Source Materials

a) International Clergy Week

b) Southeastern Louisiana Guidance Conference, 22 February 1973.

c) "How to Roll with the Punch," Family Weekly, 4 April 1971, p. 4

d) "Keys to Coping," Family Weekly, 4 April 1971, p. 5.

e) Partners for Progress, SLC, Business, Industry, Education, booklet.

f) "Parker Discusses Campus Projects," newspaper article.

g) "Lt. Governor Heads List of Speakers for Forum," newspaper article.

h) "By G. S. Carlson," newspaper article

i) Expanding Postsecondary Educational Opportunity: Progress and Prospect, Issues in

higher education, 1972

j) "The Department of Religion in a Church-Related Liberal Arts College," Baptist Faculty

Paper, Vol. XV, No. 3, Spring 1972.

k) The Counselor and the Current Scene, Vol. 4, No. 2, Winter 1971.

l) Student Night at Christmas, 1972, The Baptist Program, December 1972.

m) "Out-of-State Tuition is Alive and Well, but Being Challenged," Regional Spotlight,

Vol. VI, No. 2, October 1972.

n) "Annual Meeting Emphasizes Regional Cooperation, Elects Holton Chairman,"

Regional Action, Vol. 23, No. 3, September 1972.

o) Gifts and Grants 1971-1972, Annual Report, Southeastern Louisiana University.

p) Jack Kenny Williams (Vita), January 1975.

q) "One Nation Under God," The National Exchange Club (2 speeches).


BOX 3 - Sources


1. Mothers

a) First Baptist Church, Hammond, 10 May 1964, Bulletin.

b) "Mothers," newspaper article.

2. Politics and its influence upon grading and education

a) "Governor Races - - 1928 Through 1971", newspaper article, November 1975 (xerox copy).

b) Reagan Claim on College Grading stirs Reaction, Reprinted from the Los Angeles Times, 29 August 1971.

c) Reagan’s Unproved Charges, Reprinted from the Los Angeles Times, 31 August 1971.

3. Pollution

a) Pollution and Progress, speech pamphlet, 3 April 1968.

b) "A Theology of Earth and Man," The Baptist Faculty Paper, Vol. XIV, No. 1, Fall


4. The Present Times

a) "SU Head Describes Times to Graduates," newspaper article.

b) "Future Farmers told Life Gives All Common Goal," newspaper article.

5. Retirement

a) "Aging has Advantages; relax and enjoy them," newspaper article, 2 July 1969.

b) "10 Commandments of Retirement," newspaper article, 27 October 1966.

c) "A Visit to a Veterans' Hospital," newspaper article.

6. Rotaract (Rotary International)

a) Rotaract, brochure.

7. School Finances

a) Instructional Material Center for Teachers to do Research, loose leaf paper.

b) Budget Making for Elementary and Secondary Education, Paper Presented at the School

Administrators' Seminar, 12-14 May 1969.

c) Educable and Equalization Distributions, 1968-69.

d) Financing Elementary and Secondary Education, 5 April 1968.

e) Financing Elementary and Secondary Education, 6 March 1967.

8. School-Public Relations

a) Campus Correspondence, About Transcript for all Students who Enroll (3 copies).


BOX 3 - Sources (Continued)


9. SLU Anniversary

a) "Parker Says Expansion, planning mark SLU's 50th year," The Daily Star, 24 January


b) "SLU's 50th year begins this fall," The Lion's Roar.

c) "SLU to Celebrate 50th Anniversary," The Lion's Roar.

d) "A bannar year for Southeastern, another ahead," newspaper article.

e) "SLU to Celebrate 50th Anniversary", newspaper article.

10. SLTA

a) The Challenger, A Newsletter of the Student Louisiana Teachers’ Association., Vol. 1,

No. 1, Spring 1967.

11. Southeastern Progress

a) Partners for Progress, brochure.

b) "SLU still growing," newspaper article.

c) "Faculty Facts," Alumni News Briefs, Vol. VIII, No. 3, April 1964.

d) SLC Focus- Alumni News, Vol. 7, No. 3, May 1963.

e) SLC Focus- Alumni News, Vol. 8, No. 8, December 1964.

f) Speech to Administration Workshop at SLU, 17 June 1970.

g) "Board of Advisors Ruled SLU 's Early Days," SLU-The First Fifty Years-Part One,

Murrary Newspapers, 16 October 1974

h) Partners For Progress, SLC, Business, Industry, Education, booklet

i) Alumni Association Letter from Mark J. Solomon, 15 October 1974

j) "$1 Million Construction Project is Underway at Southeastern," newspaper article.

k) "Southeastern Pleased with Winning Season," newspaper article.

l) "Southeastern hosts social studies fair," newspaper article.

m) "Southeastern Awarded Grant for Driver Education Center," newspaper article.

n) "SLU education center is 'identity catalyst,'" newspaper article.

o) "Multi-Purpose Center to Replace Coliseum," newspaper article, 24 June 1975.

p) Driver Education and Traffic Safety Center.

q) Statement of Position on the Proposed New Southeastern Laboratory School Facility and the Proposed Instructional Program.

r) School of Graduate Studies, speech.

s) The Advantages of Being a University, speech.

t) Ready Reference.

u) Welcome to Southeastern


BOX 3 - Sources (Continued)


12. Student Teachers

a) Thirteenth Annual Louisiana Association for Student Teaching Workshop, March 31-

April 2 1966.

b) Student Louisiana Teacher's Association, program.

c) Student Louisiana Teacher's Association, "Make Tomorrow Today," 18-20 April .

d) The Association for Student Teaching, "The Place of Evaluation in the Student .

Teacher Program, 21-23 March 1963.

e) Louisiana PTA Scholarship Winner, "Meet Ruby Gail Wise."

f) Tinsley Education Association of Southeastern Louisiana College.

g) The Challenger, A Newsletter of the Student Louisiana Teachers’ Association., Vol. III,

No. 1, Fall 1969.

13. Success in Future of Young People

a) High School Student Unrest-Protests, pamphlet.

b) "When I grow up . . . " 27 September 1964.

c) Diploma is Badge, Not Passport, newspaper article.

d) Your Future Occupation, 13 October 1958.

e) Grayhairs vs. Longhairs in the Corporate Arena, article.

14. PTA

a) By-Laws, Louisiana Parent-Teacher Association, booklet.

b) Suggested Bylaws

c) Program Service

d) Rural Service

e) Publicity

f) Parent and Family Life Education

g) High School Service

h) International Relations

i) Safety

j) Health

k) Mental Health

l) Citizenship

m) Cooperation with Colleges

n) Audio-Visual Services

o) Louisiana Parent-Teacher, Official Bulletin of the Louisiana Parent-Teacher

Association; Jan-Feb 1966, May-June 1966, July-August 1966, Sept-Oct 1966, Jan-Feb 1967, March-April 1967.

p) What You Don't Know about Teachers, pamphlet.

q) "A Capsule History of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers," PTA Milestones


r) Publications of Special Interest of PTA Leaders and Members, 1965-66.

s) PTA Founders Day, booklet, 17 February 1966.


BOX 3 - Sources (Continued)


14. PTA Continued

t) "Challenges of the Space Age," Louisiana Parent-Teacher Association Annual

Convention 1964.

u) "Education Passport to the Future", Louisiana Parent-Teacher Association Annual

Convention 1965.

v) "Professors Needs Spark," newspaper article.

w) "Inquire about Child's Teacher Topic at Meet," newspaper article.

x) Legislation Program 1966-67.

y) National PTA Bulletin; September 1966, October 1966, December 1966, March 1967

z) National PTA Publications; November-December 1966, January-February 1967.

aa) Newsletter to the Louisiana PTA State Board of Managers.

bb) Summary to Honorable Thomas B. Pugh, Judge of the Family Court.

cc) Sixth District Newsletter, September 1966.

15. Teachers and Administrators

a) "Making a Case for the Word 'Chairman,'" newspaper article.

b) "From The Pastor," The First Baptist Progress Ledger, Vol. 6, No. 37, September 18,


c) "Students Trying to Shock us," by Paul Harvey, newspaper article.

d) "Students Unrest: Some Preventive Medicine" It Starts in the Classroom, October 1971.

e) A Parable, courtesy of Margaret L. White.

f) "How to Survive the Young," xerox article, February 1970.

g) The Bent Twig, Quoted by Ann Landers.

h) A Challenge to Educational Leadership, An address delivered to the Tangipahoa Parish

Vocational Association, 10 October 1961.

i) St. Tammany Parish Principal's Association Letter, 12 June 1978.

16. Teenagers: Health, Personality, Entertainment, etc.

a) What Everyone Should Know About Syphilis and Gonorrhea, pamphlet.

b) You and the Law, pamphlet, 1963.

c) His first cigarette may be a matter of life or death, pamphlet.

d) Strictly for Teenagers, Some facts about Venereal Disease, pamphlet.

e) Help Wipe Out the National Disgrace of Drug Addiction, pamphlet.

f) "Pot" doesn't cost much-or does it?

g) The Kiplinger Washington Letter

h) Correct Conduct for Career and College.

i) "'Twas Finest Hour for Goodcheer U.," by Art Buchwald, newspaper article (xerox).

j) Census Survey shows Median Age now at 27.6, 12 February 1971.

k) "How not to do it," newspaper article.

l) "Discover a New Life, Personality," newspaper article.

m) Career Guidance Digest, February 1970.

n) Some Thoughts on Careers, by Southeastern High School Fifth Period typewriting class.


BOX 3 - Sources (Continued)


17. Violence and Student unrest

a) "The Light that never Fails," U.S. News & World Report, 27 December 1938.

b) Student Rights: Court Rulings set off Change.

c) "How it Seems to an Old Grad!," newspaper picture.

d) "Reasons for Student Unrest are Examined," Times-Picayune, June 8, 1969.

e) "Milton Eisenhower: Violence could result in Dictatorship," Houston Chronicle, June 8,


f) "On Violence," Alexandria Daily Town Talk, 18 May 1969.

g) "Major Recommendations of Scranton Report on Campus Unrest," Academe, Vol. 4,

No. 4, Oct 1970.

h) Protect to Improve College Teaching, Special Report #2.

i) "Youth Stress Human Dignity, Educators Told," newspaper article.

j) "Permissiveness Is Blamed," The Daily Star, 11 July 1969.

k) "University President makes Point of Order Very Clear," newspaper article, 14 May


l) "A Society Aroused by Violence," newspaper article.

18. Woodmen of the World

a) Boys of Woodcraft: Sportsmen's Club, pamphlet.

19. Alumni Association

a) Annual Report to Alumni Association, 3 February 1973.

b) Alumni Association Annual Report, 1 March 1975.

c) Homecoming Address to Alumni, 27 October 1973.

d) Past Presidents of Alumni Association, 27 October 1973.

e) Area SLC Alumni Banquets, 1970.

f) Annual Report to Alumni Association.

g) SLU Alumni Association Forth Annual Awards and Installation Banquet, 1 June 1974.

h) Presentation Alumni Association Awards Banquet, 28 January 1978.

i) SLU Alumni Association Fifth Annual Installation Banquet, 28 June 1975.

20. Awards Banquet

a) Football Banquet, 28 November 1978.

b) "Southeastern sets four marks in final year as GSC member," newspaper article.

c) Senior Awards Banquet, 19 April 1974.

d) Senior Awards Banquet, 25 April 1975.

e) Basketball Awards Banquet, 4 April 1974.

f) Senior Academic Awards Banquet, 21 April 1972.

g) Basketball Awards Dinner, 7 April 1972.

h) Football Banquet, 8 January 1971.

i) Football Banquet, 29 January 1972.

j) SLU Football Banquet, 27 January 1973.

k) Football Banquet, 18 January 1974.


BOX 3 - Sources (Continued)


20. Awards Banquet Continued

l) Football Banquet, 24 January 1975.

m) Spring Athletic Banquet, 14 May 1970.

n) Football Banquet, 27 January 1973.

o) Suggestions for inclusion among topics for banquets.

21. Christmas

a) Christmas message to Faculty and Students, 18 December 1970

b) Christmas 1969

c) Christmas 1968

d) Greetings , Acknowledgments, etc.

22. Civic Groups

a) Franklinton Rotary Club, 19 April 1973.

b) Rotary Club of Northlake - Mandeville, 24 April 1975.

c) Covington Rotary Club, 15 October 1974

d) Hammond Chamber of Commerce, 11 June 1974

e) McComb Rotary Club, 14 August 1974

f) Canons of American Citizenship, 30 April 1972

g) Faculty Convocation, Fall 1977

h) Inauguration of Mayor and Councilmen, 1 September 1976

i) Memorial Banquet - Mr. George Friedel, Jr., 10 May 1975, (2 copies)

j) Knights of Columbus Squires, 26 March 1975, (2 copies)

k) Hammond Chamber of Commerce - Silver Anniversary, 26 June 1975

l) Gonzales Rotary Club, 21 May 1974

m) Boy Scouts Address, 2 March 1974

n) Franklinton Rotary Club, 19 April 1973

o) Hammond Rotary Club, 19 July 1972

p) Welcome Hammond Chamber of Commerce, 29 June 1972

q) Canons of American Citizenship, 30 April 1972

r) Franklinton Rotary Club, 27 January 1972

s) Rotary Club of Hammond - Installation Banquet and Ladies' Night, 30 June 1971

t) Hammond Chamber of Commerce, 17 June 1971.

u) Knights of Columbus - Breakfast to honor Graduates, 23 May 1971.

v) Independence Knights of Columbus, 22 April 1971.

w) "Working Together for Better Schools", Mandeville High School PTA, 9 March 1971.

x) Installation Banquet - Ponchatoula Jaycees, 26 June 1971.

y) Algiers Rotary Club, 5 October 1971.

z) Address - Lake Charles Branch of the American Association of University Women,

16 March 1970.

aa) Knights of Columbus, 16 December 1970.

bb) Jaycee Installation, 6 November 1970.

cc) Chamber of Commerce Meeting, 25 June 1970.


BOX 3 - Sources (Continued)


22. Civic Groups Continued

dd) For Panel Discussion - Lake Charles Branch American Association of University

Women, 16 March 1970.

ee) Tangipahoa Parish Chamber of Commerce Annual Initiation Banquet, 19 Feb. 1970.

ff) Mandeville J. C. Meeting, 22 January 1970.

gg) Rotaract Meeting, 19 November 1969.

hh) Address to Southeastern High School PTA, 16 May 1968

ii) Talk given at Rotary Club in Ponchatoula to the Honor Society of Ponchatoula High

School, 12 May 1966.

jj) PTA Installation Ceremony, 14 May 1964.

kk) Prayer - Veterans Day Memorial Service, November 11.




1. Colleges and Universities

a) 37th Annual Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities, speech, 8 March 1975.

b) 37th Annual Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities, speech, 7 March 1975.

c) Annual Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities, speech, 2 March 1974.

d) College Campuses Today -- Problems and Developments, speech, 19 June 1970.

2. Educators

a) First Meeting of Phi Delta Kappa, speech, 16 September 1976.

b) Principals for Today's Schools: Challenges and Demands, speech, 16 August 1971.

c) The Teaching Profession, speech.

d) Superintendents, speech.

e) Principals', speech, October 1, 196.

3. Educational Research and SLU News/Grad Education

a) "SLU improvements total over 1 million," The Lion's Roar, 15 September 1977.

b) "9.5 million center heads list," Profile, 28 January 1977.

c) "Family Day Draws Many," Southeastern Louisiana University’s Report Card, 1977.

d) "NSU readies testimonial for Kilpatrick, wife," The Shreveport Times, 17 January 1978.

e) Three letters asking for the Selected References for Elementary School Principals.

f) SLU president to speak to Mandeville chamber; Six more to join SLU's Lionettes,

newspaper articles.

g) "SLU plans $1.698 million improvement program," Sunday Star, 14 August 1977.

h) Special Student Guide, The Lion's Roar, Fall 1977-Spring 1978.

i) Letter about publications dealing with public relations, 9 February 1978.

j) Research on Education.

k) Letter written before the 1978 summer session.

4. Faculty

a) Faculty Convocation, 22 August 1979.

b) Dr. Parker's Annual Report to the Board of Directors - SLU Alumni, 24 April 1976.

c) Faculty Convocation, 20 August 1975.

d) Dr. Allison's Retirement Dinner, 25 July 1974.

e) Faculty Convocation, 21 August 1974.

f) Faculty Convocation, 20 August 1973.

g) Faculty Meeting, 14 April 1971.

h) Faculty Meeting, 9 September 1970.

i) Full-time & Doctorates list.

5. Financial Problems in Education Programs

a) Annual School Administrators' Conference, 8 March 1972.

b) Tentative Findings of the Study of the Financial Impact of SLU on the city of Hammond.

c) Life Insurance Underwriters, 17 December 1970.

d) Southeastern Development Foundation Barbecue, 1 October 1970.

e) SLC Needs Which the Foundation could Help Satisfy, 28 May 1970.


BOX 4 (Continued)


6. Portrait of a Graduate

a) Graduate Assistantships, 17 May 1978.

b) Graduate Assistantships, Fall 1977 - Spring 1978.

c) A Portrait of the Graduate Assistant, Outline.

d) A Portrait of the Graduate Assistant, Education Department.

e) Graduate Assistant Program.

f) A portrait of the Graduate Assistant, 26 September 1977.

g) Letter from Eddie Boardman.

h) Steve Greene: Graduate Assistant, Department of Marketing and Economics.

i) Elayn Gay: A Portrait of the Graduate Assistant.

j) Julie Tully: Research Graduate Assistant.

k) Letter about a survey of graduate assistants at SLU.

l) Teacher List.

7. Graduation: Commencement Exercises

a) Greensburg High School Commencement Address, 4 May 1975.

b) Franklinton High School Commencement Address, 24 May 1974.

c) Francis T. Nicholls Senior High School Commencement Address, 30 May 1973.

d) Southwood Academy Commencement Address, 23 May 1972.

e) Patriotism as a Part of Our Everyday Lives (2 copies).

f) Valedictory Address, 1971.

g) Commencement Address: River Oaks Academy, 20 May 1971.

h) Seniors - Florida Avenue Baptist Church, 26 April 1970.

8. Guidance Counselors

a) Louisiana Guidance Conference Welcome, 22 February 1973.

b) Department of Education Guidance Meeting.

c) Southeastern Louisiana College Guidance Counselors' Conference, 6 March 1963.

9. Honors Convocation

a) Fiftieth Anniversary Convocation, Recognition of Faculty and Staff who have Served the University for 25 years or more, 6 March 1975.

b) Fiftieth Anniversary Convocation, 6 March 1975 (2 copies).

c) Honors Convocation for School of Business, Nichold State University, 24 April 1974.

d) Address to National Honor Society: Covington High School, 26 February 1970.

10. Higher Education

a) Purposes and Problems in Higher Education, Spring 1974.

b) Slidell High School College Night, 29 November 1973.

c) Coordination of Higher Education, 11 March 1968.

d) Address to Rotary Club, 21 August 1968.

e) "What's Really Wrong with our Colleges? Our Schools and Colleges, that's what,"

newspaper article.


BOX 4 (Continued)


10. Higher Education Continued

f) "Academic genocide may be the alternative: Sensible Plan Offered," newspaper article.

g) "College Costs Soar Into Crisis," newspaper article.

h) "Louisiana Now in Last Place in Higher Education Support," newspaper article.

i) "Education, Economy 'Key Issues'-PAR, newspaper article.

j) Dimensions of the Crisis, Financing Higher Education, 1971.

k) Elementary and Secondary Education, speech.

11. Louisiana Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

a) Registrar-Role and Images-Educator, Manager or both expectations and realities,

3 October 1974.

b) Is Higher Education in Louisiana Keeping up with the Times, 5 March 1971.

12. Responsibilities of the University

a) Baptist Student Union, 28 August 1972.

b) Baptist Student Union Appreciation Week, 13 October 1971.

c) Methodist Men's Club, 17 November 1971 (2 copies).

d) New Directions for the Education of Teachers, 6 August 1969.

13. School Associations

a) Western Association of Schools & Colleges’ Senior Commission Mills College, 5

October 1977.

b) North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Institutions of

Higher Education, Boulder - 30 September 1977.

c) New England Association of School and Colleges, 4 October 1977.

d) Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, 28 September 1977.

e) Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 10 October 1977.

f) Chart of Associations and certain Colleges.

14. SLU Organizations

a) Second Annual Meeting of Zeta Kappa Chapter, 7 October 1974.

b) Psi Chi Installation, 4 May 1973.

c) Kappa Kappa Iota State Convention Welcome, 28 April 1973.

d) Alpha Sigma Tau Fraternity Banquet, 27 March 1971.

e) Address to the Student Senate, 24 October 1970.

f) Phi Delta Kappa 'Emphasis-Education,’ 10 December 1970.

g) Phi Delta Kappa Speech, 10 December 1970.

h) Speech-SLTA, 9 October 1969.

i) Knowledge-Duty-Power: Kappa Delta Pi, 6 October 1969.

j) Welcome to Delta Kappa Gamma Members, 4 October 1969 (2 copies).


BOX 4 (Continued)


15. Trends in Education

a) Problems in Fitting Library into University Organizational Structures.

b) Establishing Good Public Relations.

c) Professionalism in Education, outline.

d) "The Changing Role of Education", Honors Convocation, LSU, 21 April 1971.

e) Higher Education in Louisiana, 15 July 1969.

f) Remarks to Southeastern Louisiana Superintendents, 1 April 1969.

16. Welcome 1969-1971

a) Supervising Teacher Conference Welcome, November 16, 1971

b) Florida Parishes Fall Garden Forum, October 13, 1971

c) Mandeville J. C. Meeting, January 22, 1970

d) Hammond Kiwanis Club, November 16, 1971 (2 copies)

e) Louisiana Speech and Hearing Association Meeting, October 4, 1971

f) Welcome, Children of the Hammond State School, September 29, 1971

g) Home Economics Workshop, June 14, 1971

h) Third Annual District Literary Rally

i) Supervising Teacher Conference, May 19, 1971

j) Reserve Officers Training Corps Educator Orientation Conference, May 13, 1971

k) Eastern Area 4-H Day, May 1, 1971

l) Girls’ Letter Club, Ponchatoula High School, April 24, 1971

m) Agri-Dustrial Baton Twirling Contest, April 17, 1971

n) Second Annual Special Olympics for Retarded Children, April 17, 1971

o) National Collegiate Association for Secretaries State Convention, April 17, 1971

p) Annual School Administrator’s Conference, April 15, 1971

q) "Narcotics Awareness" Seminar, April 14, 1971

r) Agri-Dustrial Futurama Banquet, April 14, 1971

s) Tangipahoa Parish Jr. Livestock Show, February 20, 1971

t) Louisiana Guidance Counselor Convention, February 9, 1971

u) Southeastern Louisiana University High School Speech Tournament, January 29, 1971

v) F. F. A. Meeting, January 9, 1971

w) Article No. 1- Alumni News, March 1, 1970

x) Article No. 5- Alumni News, March 1, 1970

y) High School Night Football Game, November 14, 1970

z) Basketball Coaches Clinic, October 31, 1970

aa) Fall Conference for Teachers 4-8, October 29, 1970

bb) Fall Conference for Teachers K-3, October 28, 1970

cc) Florida Parishes Fall Garden Forum, October 13, 1970

dd) Speech-SLTA, September 11, 1970 (2 copies)

ee) Annual Business Education Conference, June 19, 1970

ff) Educational Administration Workshop, June 15, 1970

gg) Geography Institute, June 10, 1970

hh) Institute on Evaluating Federally Supported Projects, June 1, 1970

ii) Tangipahoa Parish Fair Association, Amite, Louisiana, May 7, 1970


BOX 4 (Continued)


16. Welcomes, 1969-1971 Continued

jj) Louisiana School Supervisors’ Association, Mid-Winter Conference, February 5, 1970.

kk) Speech Tournament, January 30, 1970 (2 copies).

ll) In-Service Educational Program, Tangipahoa Parish Teachers, Principals, Supervisors,

November 19, 1969.

mm) Employment Conference, November 13, 1969.

nn) Opening, St. Tammany Parish Fair, October 24, 1969.

oo) Fall Conference for Teachers 5-8, October 22, 1969.

pp) Fall Conference for Teachers K-4, October 21, 1969.

qq) High School Day, October 18, 1969.

rr) Fall Conference for Teachers K-4, October 19, 1971.

ss) Fall Conference for Teachers 5-12, October 20, 1971.

tt) Capitol Area Reading Council, February 24, 1969.

uu) Speech Tournament, January 31, 1969.

vv) The Economic Impact of SLC on the Area, Kiwanis Club Meeting, November 4, 1969.

ww) Baptist Encampment, Mandeville, August 28, 1971.

xx) F. F. A. Meeting, January 22, 1971.

17. Welcome, 1972-1973

a) Welcome, 1972-1973.

b) Supervising Teachers Conference, November 16, 1972.

c) Southeastern Natural Science Museum Dedication, November 29, 1973.

d) Supervising Teachers, November 13, 1973.

e) Band Day, October 13, 1973.

f) High School Basketball Clinic, October 6, 1973.

g) Southeastern Development Foundation, Annual Business Meeting, August 30, 1973.

h) Hammond Chamber of Commerce, June 28, 1973.

i) Small Business Administration Meeting, June 27, 1973.

j) Home Economics Workshop, June 7, 1973.

k) Louisiana Society for Horticultural Science, June 1, 1973.

l) Eastern Area 4-H Day, May 19, 1973.

m) Humanities Symposium, May 3, 1973.

n) Agri-Dustrial Futurama Banquet, April 12, 1973.

o) Wesley Foundation, March 29, 1973.

p) Social Studies Fair, March 16, 1973 (2 copies).

q) Science Fair Judges, March 16, 1973.

r) Southeastern Louisiana University Gymnastics Meet, February 28, 1973.

s) Welcome to Visiting Committee, February 25, 1973.

t) Business Forum, February 15, 1973.

u) Guidance Counselors Conference, February 6, 1973.

v) National Reading Conference, November 30, 1972.

w) Luncheon for Honored Classes (1932, 1942, 1947, 1952, 1962), November 4, 1972.

x) Welcome to Alumni, Homecoming, November 3, 1972.


BOX 4 (Continued)


17. Welcomes, 1972-1973 Continued

y) Fall Conference, Tangipahoa Parish, October 11, 1973 (not used).

z) Fall Conference for Teachers 7-12, October 11, 1973.

aa) Fall Conference for Teachers K-6, October 10, 1973.

bb) Fall Conference for Teachers 5-8, October 26, 1972.

cc) Fall Conference for Teachers K-4, October 25, 1972.

dd) Area College Consortium, November 10, 1972.

ee) Florida Parishes Fall Garden Forum, October 24, 1972.

ff) High School Basketball Clinic, October 21, 1972.

gg) Vocal Music Conference, October 13-14, 1972.

hh) Workshop on Referral Procedures and Evaluation (Department of Special Education), September 21, 1972.

ii) Music Therapy Workshop, July 7, 1972.

jj) School Food Services Training Program for Managers, June 19, 1972.

kk) Dairy Farmer, Annual Dairy Day, June 8, 1972.

ll) Program on Legal Aspects in Nursing Practice, May 25, 1972.

mm) District 684 Rotary Conference, April 28, 1972.

nn) Third Annual Special Olympics for Retarded Children, April 22, 1972.

oo) Fourth Annual Literary Rally, April 15, 1972.

pp) A Brief Preview of the Past, Present, and Future of Southeastern Louisiana University, Agri-Dustrial Banquet, April 13, 1972.

qq) Founders Day Banquet, Sigma Tau Gamma, April 8, 1972.

rr) Southeastern Development Foundation Luncheon, March 30, 1972.

ss) Science Fair, March 10, 1972.

tt) Social Studies Fair, March 10, 1972.

uu) Annual School Administrators’ Conference, March 8, 1972.

vv) Louisiana Music Educators Association Jazz Ensemble, Annual Competition, March 4, 1972.

ww) Alpha Tau Omega, February 26, 1972.

xx) Tangipahoa Parish Jr. Livestock Show, February 19, 1972.

yy) Business Forum, February 9, 1972.

zz) Meeting of House Directors and Monitors, January 9, 1972.

18. Welcome, 1974-1975

a) Welcomes, 1974-1975.

b) LaBC Annual Membership Meeting, July 31, 1975.

c) L. U. P. A. Meeting, July 28, 1975.

d) Football Banquet, December 17, 1975.

e) Football Banquet, January 24, 1975.


BOX 4 (Continued)


18. Welcomes, 1974-1975 Continued

f) Annual Yearbook Workshop, June 23, 1975.

g) Supervising Teachers Conference, May 13, 1975.

h) Regional Motorcycle Education Workshop, May 8, 1975.

i) Louisiana Conference of Social Welfare, May 2, 1975.

j) Spring Guidance Conference, May 1, 1975.

k) LASAP Spring Conference, April 23, 1975.

l) Louisiana Forensic Association Championship Tournament, April 18-19, 1975.

m) Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, April 14, 1975.

n) Eastern Area 4-H Day, April 12, 1975.

o) Social Studies Fair, March 17, 1975.

p) Sixth District Retired Teachers’ Meeting, March 17, 1975.

q) Industry Forum, March 14, 1975.

r) Annual School Administrators’ Conference, March 7, 1974.

s) Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Association Annual Report, March 1, 1975.

t) Annual High School District Speech Tournament, February 14, 1975.

u) Gulf Regional Interstate Collegiate Consortium, February 18, 1975.

v) FFA Meeting, January 31, 1975.

w) District Honor Band, January 24, 1975.

x) Americanism and Communism Seminar, October 31, 1974.

y) Sixth District Retired Teachers Association, October 21, 1974.

z) Fall Conference for Teachers 7-12, October 10, 1974.

aa) Business Conference, October 8, 1974.

bb) Tangipahoa parish Board of Realtors, October 3, 1974.

cc) Band Day, September 28, 1974.

dd) Letterman Day, September 21, 1974.

ee) Quarterly Meeting of the Louisiana Rural Development Council, September 20, 1974.

ff) Southeastern Development Foundation, Annual Business Meeting, July 26, 1974.

gg) Louisiana State Special Olympics, Welcome in booklet, May 24, 1974.

hh) Eastern Area 4-H Day, April 27, 1974.

ii) ASCD Meeting, April 26, 1974.

jj) Secretarial and Clerical Personnel Workshop, April 24, 1974.

kk) Social Science Fair, March 20, 1974.

ll) Science Fair, March 13, 1975.

mm) Science Fair, March 12, 1976.

nn) Florida Parishes Spring Garden Forum, March 13, 1974.

oo) Administrators Conference, March 5, 1975.

pp) School Administrators’ Conference, February 24, 1970.

qq) Business and Industry Liaison Committee, February 18, 1974.

rr) Tangipahoa Parish Jr. Livestock Show, February 16, 1974.

ss) Louisiana Conference of Social Welfare, February 8, 1974.

tt) High School District Speech Tournament, February 1, 1974.

uu) Seminar on Trust, January 31, 1974.


BOX 4 (Continued)


18. Welcomes, 1974-1975 Continued

vv) District Honor Band, January 26, 1974.

ww) F. F. A. Meeting, January 19, 1974.

xx) Homecoming Address to Alumni, October 26, 1974.

yy) Special Olympics for Retarded Children.

zz) ROTC Annual Awards Day, May 1, 1974.

aaa) Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Association, Annual Report, January 26,


bbb) Faculty Convocation, August 20, 1975.

19. Welcomes, 1976-1977

a) Welcome Speeches, 1976-1977 (List).

b) Honors Convocation.

c) Science Day, October 15, 1976.

d) Fall Conference for Teachers, October 15, 1976.

e) Southeastern Development Foundation Luncheon, October 18, 1976.

f) Annual Convention, Silver Anniversary, Louisiana Music Teacher Association,

November 4, 1976.

g) Circle K Club, November 10, 1976.

h) Field Experience, Commission to Reform Education in Louisiana, November 30, 1976.

i) Supervising Teacher Conference, December 2, 1976.

j) District IV Honor Band Concert, January 22, 1977.

k) F. F. A. Meeting, January 30, 1976.

l) F. F. A. Meeting, January 28, 1977.

m) Gulf Regional Interstate Collegiate Consortium, January 31, 1977.

n) Horace Belton Day, February 3, 1977.

o) School Administrators’ Conference, February 17, 1977.

p) Province Weekend, sponsored by Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity, March

4-6, 1977.

q) Guidance Accountability Workshop, Region Two, March 14, 1977.

r) Fireman and Policeman Appreciation Banquet sponsored by Knights of Columbus,

March 16, 1977.

s) Science Fair, March 18, 1977.

t) Social Studies Fair, March 22, 1977.

u) Louisiana Bankers Association’s Young Adults Agribusiness Seminar, April 15, 1977.

v) Eastern Area 4-H Day, April 23, 1977.

w) Annual Awards Convocation, April 25, 1977.

x) Social Studies Conference, May 3, 1977.

y) Eighth Annual Awards Day Ceremony for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, May 4, 1977.

z) Senior Awards Banquet, May 5, 1977.

aa) Evaluation Day Conference for Student Teachers, May 16, 1977.

bb) Louisiana State Special Olympics, May 27, 1977.


BOX 4 (Continued)


19. Welcomes, 1976-1977 Continued

cc) Chamber of Commerce Installation Banquet, June 9, 1977.

dd) Supervising Teacher Conference, December 2, 1976 (2 copies).

ee) Southeastern-Henington Yearbook Workshop, June 21, 1976.

ff) Faculty Convocation, Fall 1977.

gg) Fellowship and Supper for Incoming Freshmen, BSU Center, August 24, 1977

hh) Association of Teacher Educators, August 7-11, 1977

ii) Denham Springs Kiwanis Club, August 4, 1977

jj) Faculty Convocation, Fall 1977, August 23

kk) SGA Installation of Officers, April 18, 1977

ll) Tri-State Parenting Conference, February 15-17, 1977

mm) Southeastern Louisiana University School of Graduate Studies, 1976 for the Alumni News, February 7, 1977

nn) B.S.U. Noonday Program, November 29, 1976

oo) What’s Right with Education?, Louisiana State Supervisors’ Association LTA

Convention, November 22, 1976

pp) First Meeting of Phi Delta Kappa, Introduction of Joseph J. Davies, Jr., Speaker,

September 16, 1976

qq) Inauguration of Mayor and Councilmen, Mandeville, September 1, 1976

rr) Workshop Designed for Personnel Providing Services Through State Agencies for the Aging, June 5, 1978

ss) Chamber of Commerce Installation Banquet, June 9, 1977