P.W. Hudson Book Collection


1)   The Hudson River and Its Painters by John K. Howat.

2)   America’s Great Illustrators by Susan E. Meyer

3)   Osaka Prints by Dean J. Schwaab

4)   Extraordinary Furniture by David Linley

5)   The Ten by Patricia Jobe Pierce

6)   Whistler at the Freer Gallery of Art by David Park Curry

7)   The Art World (A seventy-five-year treasury of art news) edited by Barbaralee Diamonstein

8)   The foremost museum of American furniture and decorative arts: WINTERTHUR by Jay e. Cantor

9)   Chase 1849- 1916 by William Merritt

10) Odyssey of an art collector by James B. Byrnes

11) New Orleans/VIEUX CARRE and other photographs by John Donnels

12) The Delta Queen (Last of the Paddlewheel Palaces) by August Perez & Associates

13) Frenchmen, Desire, Good ChildrenY And other Streets of New Orleans by John Chase

14) John Laffite, Gentleman Rover by Stanley Clisby Arthur

15) The Bayous of Louisiana by Harnett

16) The Stones of Florence by Mary McCarthy

17) Mississippi Panorama by City Art Museum of St. Louis

18) Louisiana Swamp Doctor by Jon Q. Anderson

19) The Romantic New Orleans by Robert Tallant

20) The Chess Players by Frances Parkinson Keyes

21) The French Quarter by Herbert Asbury

22) Fetes de la Palette by James B. Byrnes

23) Portrait of Max by S.M. Behrman

24) New Uses, Old Places: Remaking America by Barbaralee Diamonstein

25) The Art of Science by Barrie Sturt- Penrose

26) The Landmarks of New York

27) The Documentary of 20th Century Art: A dialogue with Marcel Duchamp by Pierre Cabanne.

28) Selected Paintings and Sculpture from the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden by the Smithsonian Institution

29) A sixty Year Retrospective by Norman Rockwell

30) Out in the Midday Sun: The Paintings of NOEL COWARD by Sheridan Morley

31) American Self Portraits 1670-1973 by Ann C. Van Devanter

32)   Selected Etchings of James A.McN. Whistler by Maria Baylor

33) American Paintings by Virgil Barker

34) Drawn from Life by Sara Dodge Kimbrough

35) A Search for Cave Canyon Art: Voices for the Stone Age by Douglas Mazonowicz

36) The Painters’ America: Rural and Urban Life, 1810-1910 by Patricia Hills

37) A Fairground Fantasy by Guernsey’s

38) American Still-Life Paintings by William H. Gerdts Russell Burke

39) Degas by Ian Dunlop

40) Vincent by himself, edited by Bruce Bernard

41) Joseph Pennell’s Sketches of old New Orleans by E.C. Matthews

42) Art and Artists in New Orleans During the last Century 1922, by Isaac Monroe Cline

43) Baroness Pontalba’s Buildings and the remarkable Woman who build them by Leonard V. Huber and Samuel Wilson Jr.

44) A Norieri to Miss Mollie byAugust Norieri

45) The Louisiana Landscape 1800-1969 by the Anglo-Art Museum, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Louisiana

46) “…to a point called Chef Menteur…” by Ray Samuel

47) Biennial Report of the Board of Curators for 1938-1939 by the Louisiana State Museum

48) Louisiana Artist’s from the collection of Dr. and Mrs. James W. Nelson

49) The Battle of New Orleans by Admiral E.M. Eller, Dr. W.J. Morgan and Lieut. R.M.  Basoco

50) Jean Joseph Vaudechamp by The Louisiana State Museum

51) The Magazine of History, June, 1913

52) Judah P. Benjamin Monument by Plaquemish Parish Commission Council

53) The Last Line: A street Car Named St. Charles by August Perez & Associates, Architects

54) Contemporary Art and Artists in New Orleans by Isaac Monroe Cline

55) The Story of 2618 Coliseum by Edith Long

56) Through the American Landscape by Kaj Klitgaard

57) The Great days of the Garden District and Old City of Lafayette by Martha Ann Brett Samuel

58) Art Auction by The Women’s Volunteer Committee of Art Oct. 25-27, 1965

59) Rose Petals and Vetivere by Roulhac b. Toledano and Amilie C. Wentz

60) Along the River by Robert m. Rucker

61) The Cabildo on Jackson Square by Samuel Wilson, Jr.

62) Basin Street Its Rise and Fall by Andre Cajun

63) The Garden District by Neil Harrap

64) The Mighty Mississippi and New Orleans by Amy Boudreau

65) Plaquemines Parish, Fort Jackson

66) New Orleans Collects by the New Orleans Museum of Art

67) Louisiana Purchase by the Louisiana State Museum

68) 250 years of Life in New Orleans by The Rsemonde E. and Emile Kuntz Collection and The Felix H. Kuntz Collection

69) New Orleans City Guide by American Guide Series 1938

70) Queen New Orleans: City by the River by Harnett T. Kane

71) Crescent Carnival by Frances Parkinson Keyes

72) The Cajuns by George Rodrigue

73) William Meritt Chase by Ronald G. Pisano

74) The Life of Henry Moore by Roger Berthoud

75) German Artist on the Texas Frontier Friedrich Richard Petri by William W. Newcomb.

76) The Art of Marie Hull by Malcom M. Norwood, Virginia McGehee Elias and Williams S. Haynie

77) Writers on Artists edited by Daniel Halpern

78) Self-Portrait with Donors: Confessions of an Art Collector by John Walker

79) Colonial Williamsburg: Its Buildings and Gardens by A. Lawrence Kocher and Howard Dearstyne.

80) The World Whistler 1834-1903 by Tom Prideaux

81) Visions of America: Urban Realism 1900-1945

82) Yanks paint Brits by Gregory Hedberg

83) Herman Herzog.

84) Herman Herzog.

85) Impressionism: A Century Exhibition by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

86) Misere by Georges Rouault

87) Joseph Cornell by Diane Waldman

88) Architectural Digest (Los Angeles California, 1925)

89) William De Leftwich Dodge : Impressions Home and Abroad by Ronald Pisano

90) The Robert Lehman Collection by George Szabo.

91) Daniel Anton Buechner: Master ithographer of NewOrleans by Howard A. Buechner, M.D.

92) Off the Wall By Calvin Tomkins

93) The Elegant Auctioneers by Wesley Towner

94) Tracking the Marvelous: A Life in the New York Art World

95) Primitivism in the 20th Century Art by The Museum of Modern Art