Box 1

Folder 1
1. Postcard labeled “Herd of thorough-bred Short horn and Black polled Angus Cattle
on lands of Natalbany Lumber Co., LTD., specially adapted to cattle raising, new Hammond,
2. Historie De La Guerre Des Confederes by Edward A. Pollard, 1867    

Folder 2
1. New York Spectator, March 20, 1811 Foreign News (References French perspective
of West Florida Parish Revolt and possible trade opportunities)

Folder 3
1. 1855 hand-colored lithograph map of the St. Helena District (townships) survey
done by the U.S. Government-engraver W. J. Stone


Box 2

Folder 1

  1. [West Florida] Chester, Peter. Three crudely printed land grants for West Florida,
    engrossed in manuscript, each with an attached manuscript survey map.
  2. Two pages of notes from Thomas W. Streeter.

Folder 2

  1. [West Florida] Banks, James. Petition requesting a grant of 200 acres signed “To His
    Excellency Peter Chester…” Two pages on a single leaf.

Folder 3:

   1. Letter from John Ballinger to Fulwar Skipwith, December 15, 1811

    2. Descriptive information from Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps, Inc.