McGehee Family


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Folder 1 Newspaper Clippings

“He Will Be Missed” and “A Comrade Rides Ahead,” (3 copies) Hammond Vindicator, February 5, 1937 (xerox copy3 pages)

“Dr. Edward L. McGehee Dies at Home Here,”Hammond Vindicator, February 5, 1937 (xerox copy2 pages)

“Old Houses All That’s Left of the 1st Hospital,” unknown newspaper believed to be the Hammond Daily Star (xerox copy2 pages)

“Memorial Exercises: Bishop Keener’s Address on the Late Judge Edward Mcgehee, of
Mississippi, The Times-Picayune, November 1, 1880 (xerox copy-5 pages)


2. Picture of Dr. Edward L. McGehee’s headstone taken in Spring of 2002

3. Wesson: Industrial City of the South, by Durr Walker and David W. Higgs (Judge Edward McGehee is mentioned on page 10)



Folder 1 Newspaper Clippings

“E. L. ‘Ned’ McGehee dies at home,” Hammond Vindicator, March 9, 1989 (xerox copy�2

“Everybody Loved Ned McGehee,” Hammond Vindicator, March 23, 1989 (xerox copy�3 pages)

Invitation – Dedication of “Ned McGehee Drive” (copy)

Story about Ned McGehee helping boy learn how to swim at Camp Breckwolt

Story about wedding of Aurora, granddaughter of Ned McGehee, that took place the week
after his death.

Daily Star news article, Apr 20, 2012 – “Stretch of Western Avenue named for Ned McGehee

Program – Dedication of Ned McGehee Drive, April 19, 2012

Lion’s Roar news article, April 24, 2012 – “Western Ave. Dedicated to Southeastern

The Daily Star, April 18, 2012 news article – “Southeastern to re-name street for



Located in Alphabetized Manuscript Series




1. Newspaper Articles

“Dr. Lucius D. McGehee Passes Away Wednesday,” Hammond Vindicator, February 1, 1935 (xerox copy3 pages)

“A Tribute to Dr. Lucius D. McGehee,”Hammond Vindicator, February 1, 1935 (xerox copy2 pages)

“Hundreds in Last Tribute to PhysicianHammond Daily Courier, February 1, 1935″ (xerox copy2 pages)

“Our Country Doctor”

by Catherine Stewart, Daily Courier, February 1, 1935 (xerox copy2 pages)

“In Memoriam, Dr. Lucius D. McGehee,”

Daily Courier, February 1, 1935 (xerox copy)

“College Pays Tribute to Dr. McGehee,”

Daily Courier, February 4, 1935 (xerox copy3 pages)

“Southeastern Students Seek McGehee Picture,”

Hammond Vindicator, May 17, 1935 (xerox copy2 pages)

“Southeastern College Has Splendid Growth,”

Hammond Vindicator, October 18, 1935 (xerox copy2 pages)

“Influence of a Worthy Life Tribute to Dr. Lucius D. McGehee,” Hammond Vindicator, January 31, 1936 (xerox copy)

Easter at Zenobia,”Hammond Vindicator, April 17, 1936 (xerox copy3 pages)

k) “Main Building Southeastern Louisiana College” and “Southeastern Louisiana College and its Needs,”Hammond Vindicator, May 22, 1936 (xerox copy)

l) McGehee Hall honored in ceremonies, The Hammond Vindicator, May 23, 1985; National register adds building on Southeastern campus to list, Hammond Daily Star, May 24, 1985

m) “Memorial Exercises,” The Times-Picayune. November 1, 1880 (xerox copy-5 pages)


2. Calendar Photos

Top part of April 1986 Citizens National Bank Calendar. The photo inset shows Dr.
McGehee. The building in the larger photo is named after Dr. McGehee, McGehee Hall
built in 1934.

Top part of October 1991 Citizens National Bank Calendar. The photo in the lower right
hand corner showed many notable Hammond citizens attended Sunday School at Zenobia
Church. One is Dr. Lucius McGehee.


3. Photographs

Post Card showing McGehee Hall that used to be sold by SLU

b) Photograph of the headstone of Dr. Lucius de Yampart McGehee, MD 1881-1935.


4. Year Book of the American Clan Gregor Society, pp. 66-79 (xerox copy)



Located in Alphabetized Manuscript Series


Folder 1

Newspaper article from the Enterprise-Journal, May 18, 2003: Rocky Mountain Explorer Buried in Wilkinson County: Micajah McGehee’s Diary Details
Horrors in Snow.

Copy of pp. 60-67 of Redneck Mothers, Good Ol’ Girls and Other Southern Belles: A Celebration of the Women
of Dixie
, by Sharon McKern (Judge Edward McGehee and Bowling Green Plantation is mentioned)

Copy of article that appeared in the Enterprise Journal dated July 9, 2003 entitled
Don’t Change the Name of Ole Miss

Three original snapshots of Micajah McGehee’s headstone in the Bowling Green Cemetery



Folder 1

“Robert M. McGehee Succumbs Sunday,”Hammond Vindicator, December 27, 1960 (xerox copy)

Program from The City Court of Hammond Dedication of Wall of Honor, March 22, 1999
[Robert Micajah McGehee (1922-1924)] (xerox copy)