Thomas C. Morgan Collection

Thomas C. Morgan Collection


Box 1

Irma Hyde’s Stenographer’s Notebooks (3)
The Flint-Goodridge Hospital and Nurse Training School, First Annual Report and Circular
of Information, 1916
Physician’s Bulletin Number Fifty-Two, 1926
Time books, 1918 (2)
Textbooks: Algebra, Qualitative Analysis, French, Latin, Chemistry, Standard Surgical
Instruments, Quadratics and Beyond,
Notebooks: Chemistry (2), Lectures by Metz at Tulane, Pathology, Synthesis, Dealing
with the Eye, Physical Therapeutics and Physiology, Physiology, and three unknowns
Journal, Notes on a baby


Photos (Located in Map Case)

Sidney Hyde as a boy
Sidney Hyde as a LSU graduate 1906
Sidney Hyde- military WWI
Sidney Hyde – military portrait
Sidney Hyde Tulane 1909 Medical School photo
Irma Amaclia Hyde as a child in Amite


Certificates (Located in Map Case)

Sidney Hyde graduation certification 1909 Tulane
Sidney Hyde graduation LSU Military Diploma
Sidney Hyde Charity Hospital Shreveport Residency Certification 1910
Sidney Hyde medical license 1909 – state of Louisiana board of health
Sidney Hyde – state of Mississippi Medical license – 1908
Sidney Hyde ambulance surgeon 1910
Specialty Certification from Charity Hospital of Shreveport, LA


Irma Hyde’s Sketches (Located in Map Case)

#1 woman
#2 outline of a woman
#3 a river
#4 family eating together
#5 cabin
#6 gambling
#7 forest
#8 lamppost
#9 church
#10 abstract
#11 man fishing
#12 forest
#13 three boys on a farm
#14 farm town
#15 inside of a room
#16 three women talking
#17 woman
#18 waterfall
#19 plant and a woman
#20 a house
#21 Santa Klaus
#22 Two people talking
#23 a cabin
#24 side of a house
#25 a railroad station
#26 a man
#27 a town+