Pollet Family

Archival Collection

donated by Randal J. Pollet)

[This collection is located in the
Alphabetized Manuscript Series]

This collection contains copies of photographs and
documents related to the Louisiana State Police and Joseph P.
Pollet. They are as listed as follows:

3 photographs of Alonzo Ellis Jones, alias “Blackie,” who was
arrested and convicted of murdering a man on 12-26-1945.

3 photographs of murder victim’s car. Deputy Sheriff,
Joseph P. Pollet is in one of the photos, 1945

1 photo of Deputy Sheriff Pollet with gun used in murder,

1 photo of someone being sworn in to office. Caption reads:
“Swearing In,” circa 1940s.

1 photo of the First Class of the Louisiana State Police
Training School, 1938.

1 photo of a celebration, circa 1940s.

news article about the execution of convicted murderer, Blackie

2 images from article entitled, “Louisiana Peace Officer,”
March, 1957.

Copy of State Police Training Certificate for Joseph P. Pollet,

Copy of Letter to Louisiana State Police regarding the
helpfulness of Officer Pollet, March, 1937.

Copy of Letter of Commendation to Officer Pollet of the
Louisiana State Police, April, 1937.