Southeastern welcomes students back for the start of classes this week while we continue to keep all faculty, staff and students who are not yet able to make it to campus in our thoughts as the region works to recover from devastating flooding.
We attempted to reach ALL our students in recent days, but we realize communication has been difficult, if not impossible for some. If you are just now able to see this message, please contact so we can have a better understanding of your status and work with you so you can attain your educational goals.


Clay Schulenburg

Archival Collection


1. History of World War, by Francis A. March, Published for The United Publishers of the United States and Canada, 1919

2. A History of Mississippi, by Robert Lowry and William H. McCardle, R.H. Henry & Co., 1891

3. The Complete Works of Brann the Iconoclast, Brann Publishers, 1919

4. The Works of Louise Mühlbach, Napoleon and Blücher, P. F. Collier & Son, New York, 1893

5. Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress, at the Commencement of the First Session of The Thirty-Third Congress, 1853

6. The Story of San Michele, by Axel Munthe, E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York, 1930

7. Biblical Antiquities: A Hand-Book, by Edwin Cone Bissell, The American Sunday-School Union, Philadelphia, 1892

8. Popular Science, P. F. Collier & Son Corporation, New York, 1939 (6 Volumes)

a) The Story of the Starry Universe, by David Todd

b) The Story of Chemistry, by Hippolyte Gruener

c) The Story of Mechanics, by Russell Bond

d) The Story of Force and Motion, by D. W. Hering

e) The Story of Our Earth, by William J. Miller

f) The Story of Electricity and Magnetism, by Robin Beach

9. AEneid of Virgil, by John Conington, Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., New York,

10. Hebrew book, Service for Day of Atonement

11. Child’s Bible Reader Illustrated

12. The Sad Shepherd, A Christmas Story, by Henry Van Dyke, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1911

13. Choice Readings for the Home Circle, George H. Scott, TN, 1916

14. Everyday Life in Old Testament Times, by E. W. Heaton, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1956

15. A Textbook on Mechanical Engineering, International Textbook Company, Scranton, 1897

16. The Big Eye, by Max Ehrlich, Doubleday & Company, Inc., New York, 1949

17. The Delphian Course (8 Volumes-Vol. 5 missing)

18. Dictionary, Hebrew?

19. Porgy and Bess, Victor Records