SLU Alumni and Administrative






1. Letter from “Ma Sims,” March 19, 1930 (xerox copy)

2. Miscellaneous Files, 1938-1962

3. Correspondence of Dr. Luther H. Dyson, 1959-1964

4. Letters and Memos sent to Dr. L. E. Chandler, 1960s

5. Letter to Miss Velmarae Dunn from P. B. Allison, Dean of Education, April 6, 1965

6. Correspondence concerning the Faculty Handbook, 1969-1971

7. Organization Chart, SLC, June 1, 1970

8. Self-Evaluation Study of Section “504,” Rehabilitation Act of 1973

9. SLU United Federation of College Teachers Faculty News, 1976-1981

10. Faculty Newsletters from Clea E. Parker, President, 1972-1980 (Scattered Issues)

11. Information and Memos concerning PIP Programs, 1981-1984

12. Index to Material concerning SLC published in the Bulletins of the State Board
of Education Proceedings, 1932-1958

13. Annual Report of SLC, 1949-50 to the State Department of Education

14. Correspondence concerning the Louisiana State Board of Education, 1956-1972

15. Motions of the Louisiana State Board of Education, 1958-1972

16. Minutes of the Louisiana State Board of Education, August 11, 1956-December 17,

17. Letter from Doris Williams (Mrs. H. Bartel) to Marie del Norte Theriot (Mrs. J.
G. Hains) about the Yellow Jacket Club of Southeastern Louisiana College, May 24,

18. Academic Freedom by Gene Preston, n. d.

19. Christmas Cards from President G. Warren Smith

20. Poems and Songs Written in St. Raphael’s Parish by Renee Ann Viosca, June 1987 (Poems about SLU on page 23-27)

21. Proposed Constitution of 1974 with an analysis of the proposed constitution by

22. Alumni Association Welcome Back Letter (2 copies) and Southeastern Alumni Association
Invitation to Convocation Pride
23. Southeastern Louisiana University 2012/2013 Foundation Annual Report
24. Formal Reports from Louisiana State Government
25.  Various newspaper articles, typed documents, handwritten documents, letters,
etc. regarding the Luther H. Dyson Hall dedication 


Miscellaneous files from presidents, deans, and department heads



Miscellaneous files from presidents, deans, and department heads




1. Speeches given by Dr. J. Larry Crain while president of Southeastern, 1980-82

2. Dr. J. Larry Crain’s press conference December 2, 1986 about his resigning as president
of Southeastern

3. Newspaper clippings, speeches, and inauguration programs of Dr. J. Larry Crain
and Dr. G. Warren Smith

4. News items about Southeastern, 1946-1986

5. Correspondence from John T. Purser, 1961

6. Equal Employment Opportunity, 1977 2nd Quarter

7. Address to Faculty of SLU, by G. Warren Smith, President, 1989

8. Vita, Letters, and Newspaper Clippings about Dr. Ronald Michael Zaccari, 1977-1996

9. Record of Accomplishments at SLU, by Dr. G. Warren Smith, 1986-1995

10. Letters of recommendation for Presidential Candidate Dr. Paul Marion

11. Letters of recommendation and formal application for Presidential Candidate Dr.
Richard Davenport.

12. Letters of recommendation and formal application for Presidential Candidate Dr.
Randy Moffett.

13. Recollections and Observations Pertaining to my Tenure at Southeastern Louisiana
University 1945-1967, By Dr. Luther H. Dyson (4 Copies).

14. In Remembrance of Dr. James Henry Wilcox July 10, 1916 – January 2, 2012 – funeral
program and biography.