SLU Nursing Department





1. Faculty Minutes, November 18, 1965-1966

2. Faculty Minutes, 1966-1967

3. Faculty Minutes, January-May 1967

4. Faculty Minutes, 1967-68

5. Faculty Minutes, 1967-70

6. Faculty Minutes, 1968-70

7. Faculty Minutes, 1970-71

8. Faculty Minutes, 1970-73

9. Faculty Minutes, 1972-76

10. Faculty Minutes, 1973-74

11. Faculty Minutes, 1974-75

12. Faculty Minutes, 1975-76

13. Faculty Minutes, 1976-77

14. Faculty Minutes, 1977-78

15. Faculty Minutes, 1978-79

16. Faculty Minutes, 1976-81

17. Faculty Minutes, 1979-81

18. Faculty Minutes, 1981-83

19. Louisiana State Board of Nurse Examiners, Report of Accreditation Survey, 1969-75

20. Self-Study and Curriculum Committee, 1971-72

21. Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes, 1968-69

22. Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes, 1975-78

23. Nursing Curriculum Courses Outlines

24. Nursing Curriculum Courses Outlines

25. Nursing Curriculum Courses Outlines

26. Nursing Program Plans

27. Statistical Reports, Changes in Faculty Personnel, Student Rosters, 1964-66

28. Statistical Reports, Changes in Faculty Personnel, Student Rosters, 1966-75

29. National League for Nursing Survey Visit, 1976-77

30. Louisiana State Board of Nursing Survey Visit, 1980 and 1981

31. Louisiana State Board of Nursing School’s Annual Report Form, October 15, 1981
through October 14, 1982

32. Division of Nursing, Self-Evaluation Report Submitted to The Department of Baccalaureate
and Higher Degree Programs, National League for Nursing, January 1973

33. Louisiana State Board of Nursing Annual Statistical Reports, 1976 through 1978

34. Initial Louisiana State Board of Nursing Approval, 1964

35. New Faculty Affairs Committee, 1981-83

36. Bylaws, 1976-78

37. National League for Nursing–correspondence with Helen Yura, 1974-77

38. Dr. Gwendoline R. MacDonald, Correspondence, 1973-75

39. Nursing and Health Sciences News, 2007-2008, Southeastern Louisiana University

40. 50th Anniversary
        a. 50th Anniversary Southeastern Nursing: Building a Legacy of Nursing Excellence
(2 copies)
        b. Southeastern News, “ Southeastern Nursing Program to Celebrate 50th Anniversary
with Gala”
        c. Newspaper clipping, “SLU Nursing School Turns 50″, The Daily Star, October
9, 2014
        d. Newspaper clipping, “ SLU Nursing marks 50th Today”, The Daily Star, October
9, 2014
        e. “Nursing celebrates 50th Anniversary” by Allison Crady, October 24, 2014
        f. “School of Nursing Timeline”, The Daily Star, October 11, 2014
        g. “Southeastern Louisiana University Fifty Years of Building a Legacy of
Nursing Excellence”
41. Historical Research for 50th Anniversary
        a. “Nursing Outreach Post Katrina”
        b. Chapter IV: Resources, Facilities and Services
        c. Annual Statistical Report for Years 1967 – 1968 Fiscal Year, Part 1
        d. Newspaper clipping, “SLU chosen to head nursing consortium”
        e. Nursing Program at Southeastern Given Approval
        f. SLC Now Offering Full Nursing Program
        g. Newspaper clipping “Regents to decide nursing master’s degree”
        h. Article on opening Baton Rouge Clinical Campus
        i. Article on Miss. Betty E. Messersmith
        j. Southeastern News, “Booth Named Dean of Southeastern School of Nursing”
        k. Letter from Barbara Moffett to Rene Abadie on Nursing Program History;
Southeastern News “SLU School of Nursing’s Tate retiring after 30 years
        l. Hall of Fame: Ann Carruth
        m. Article on first students completing nursing program
        n. SLU News, “SLU Gets Federal Grant for Nursing Master’s Degree”, March 1989
        o. The Division of Nursing: History of Southeastern Louisiana College Division
of Nursing
        p. Milestones
        q.  Recollections and Observations Pertaining to my Tenure at Southeastern
Louisiana University 1945- 1967 by: Dr. Luther H. Dyson
        r. We Hail Thee Now Southeastern by: Ronald Harris
        s. Chapter I: History and Overview
        t. Chapter II: Organization and Administration
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February 15, 2002
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December 12, 2002
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42. Historical Research for 50th Anniversary continued
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January 26, 2006
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of the Year’ by Nurses Association”, February 21, 2008
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4,             2009
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11, 2011
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Degree in Partnership with ULL”, December 7, 2011        
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Domiano Named Interim Vice President”, April 24, 2012
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February 27, 2014
        i. Article on Mrs. Nancy Bass
        j. Article on Mrs. Vera W. Thomason, R.N.
        k. Article on Raphael Landreneau
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May 27, 2008