SLU- G.Warren Smith

G. Warren Smith Collection

Box 1


1-SLU Mission Role, Scope, and Alumni Association

2-Southeastern Handbook for Classified Employees July 1990

3-SLU Alumni Association Chapter Development Manual July1992

4-Rules for State Colleges and Universities August 1993 Revision

5-SLU Police Department Fire Response Plan November 1, 1993

6-Southeastern Handbook for Unclassified Employees January 1, 1994

7-Faculty Handbook November 1995

8-Hurricane and Severe Weather Operations Plan April 1998; Hurricane/Sever Weather
Operations Plan, signed by Paul Marek, undated; Natural Disasters Communications Planning,
dated June 1994, No. 18

9-Minutes at Faculty Senate Meetings August 1995-February 1996

10-Minutes at Faculty Senate Meetings March 1996-February 1997

11-University Policy, Procedure, and Rules Campus Correspondence February 1984-August

12-University Policy, Procedure, and Rules Campus Correspondence January 1987-October

13-University Policy, Procedure, and Rules Campus Correspondence December 1989-September

14-University Policy, Procedure, and Rules Campus Correspondence January 1991-October

15-University Policy, Procedure, and Rules Campus Correspondence March 1993-July 1993

16-Police Department Campus Correspondence and Reports, dated September 1991 – March


Box 2


1-University Policy, Procedure, and Rules Campus Correspondence September 1993-December

2-University Policy, Procedure, and Rules Campus Correspondence January 1994-May 1995

3-University Policy, Procedure, and Rules Campus Correspondence December 1996-April

4-Dateless Policy, Procedure, and Rules Correspondence

5-Chapter Guidelines Booklet from LSU Alumni Association & LSU Staff Senate

6-Directories 1984-1991

7-Directories 1992

8-Directories 1993

9-Directories 1994

10-Directories 1995-1999

11-Dateless Directories


Box 3


1-Southeastern Planning Manual October 14, 1993

2-Strategic Planning in Higher Education Setting Booklet

3-Articles Regarding Strategic Planning

4-Articles Regarding Strategic Planning

5-Articles Regarding Planning October 1982-March 1986

6-Articles Regarding Planning April 1986-January 1995

7-Dateless Articles Regarding Planning

8-Resource Material for Planning, Commission on Colleges, undated

9-Reorganizational Plan Developed by Dr. Sally Clausen & Vice Presidents, dated July
12, 1995

10-Preliminary Draft of Master Plan Proposal, dated 1993

11-University of New Orleans By-Laws with attached Guide of Building Membership and
Registration Form, dated 1981 – 1982

12-Southeastern Louisiana University By-Laws, undated

13-Graduate Assistantship Survey, dated December 1993

14-Recipients of President’s Excellence Awards, dated 1983 – 1993


Box 4


1-Minutes at Planning Meetings February 1984-October 1993

2-Campus Correspondence About Planning March 1984-October 1984

3-Campus Correspondence About Planning January 1985

4-Campus Correspondence About Planning January 1986-December 1990

5-Campus Correspondence About Planning January 1991-November 1993

6-Campus Correspondence About Planning March 1995

7-Development Foundation Board Member Handbook 1993-1994

8-Handbook, Student Foundation, Tentative Developmental Plan

9-Articles of Incorporation, Bill of Rights for Volunteers, Donor Bill of Rights,
Louisiana Legislature Resume’

10-Planned Giving Programs

11-Proposal Submitted to Freeport-McMoran March 1992 & Newspaper Article

12-Articles Concerning Giving 1981-1991

13-Dateless Articles

14-Confidential Legal Opinion to Sharon Beard, Board of Regents, rendered by the Law
Firm of Barham & Churchill, dated October 15, 1987; Bulletin Board “La.’s desegregation
suit: a historical perspective,” dated March 1993, Volume 1, Number 2

15-SLU Council of Department Heads Constitution and By-Laws, undated

16-UNO By-Laws, dated 1981-1982 with attached Guide to Building Membership & Registration


Box 5


1-Brochures About Giving

2-Books or Pamphlets Concerning Giving

3-Campus Correspondence about Developmental Foundation September 1987-June 1994

4-Resume’ of Donors A-F

5-Resume’ of Donors G-P

6-Resume’ of Donors Q-Z

7-Volunteers and Prospect List

8-Volunteers and Prospects List March 1989-September 1992




1-Assorted Books or Pamphlets


3-Southeastern Athletics Correspondence February 1978-December 1988

4-Southeastern Athletics Correspondence March 1989-February 1990

5-Southeastern Athletics Correspondence March 1990-November 1990

6-Southeastern Athletics Correspondence January 1991-May 1991

7-Southeastern Athletics Correspondence June 1992-December 1993

8-Southeastern Athletics Correspondence January 1994-June 1994

9-Southeastern Athletics Correspondence July 1994-September 1994

10-Southeastern Athletics Correspondence October 1994-June 2000

11-Southeastern Athletics Brochures and Newspaper Articles 1990

12-New Orleans Saints at Southeastern 1986

13-New Orleans Saints February 1987-July 1987

14-New Orleans Saints August 1987-January1988

15-New Orleans Saints February 1988-July 1988


Box 7


1-Report of Task Force on University Priorities Appendices 1 and 2, Volume IIA; Report
of Task Force on University Priorities Suggestions, Volume III

2-Community Colleges 1993-1995

3-Community Colleges 1991-1992

4-Community Colleges 1986-1990

5-Salary Equity Committee June 1991-March 1995

6-Salary Equity Committee December 1989-April 1991

7-Salary Equity Committee September 1989-November 1989

8-Peer Study

9-Remedial Courses and Programs

10-Dr. G. Warren Smith’s 1994 Fall Address with notes, reports and statistics attached

11-Office of the President envelopes (3); “New Grade Report” forms (May 1991); Blank
Christmas cards from President G. Warren and Dr. Constance Smith w/envelopes (2);
Phi Kappa Phi, dated May 11, 1956 and Phi Delta Kappa, dated September 20, 1962 certificates

12-Higher Education and Reports, dated 1978 – 1994

13-Faculty Reports, dated Fall 1986 – Spring 1995


Box 8


1-Outgoing correspondence from the President’s and Vice President’s office, dated
July 1992 – March 1994

2-Outgoing Campus Correspondence, dated May 1986 – May 1994

3-Incoming correspondence, dated October 1986 – October 1992

4-Incoming correspondence from the Board of Trustees, dated November 1991 – January

5-Copies of Newspaper Articles and Editorials, dated July 1991 – March 1994

6-Facility Planning Reports and Articles and Maps

7-Pamphlets and Brochures

8-Statistics and Graphs, dated 1984-85 – 1993-1994

9-Louisiana Universities Salary Comparisons and Operating Budgets

10-President’s Phone Lists; House and Senate Committees Lists; La. Assoc. of Business
& Industry 1993 Executive Committee List; Department Heads List, Standing Committees
for 1994 Board of Trustees for State Colleges & Universities List; SLU Dept. List
by Function; Parish Codes List

11-Photographs – Ceremony honoring Gov. Jimmy Davis; Desk belonging to Huey Long,
donated to SLU on December 17, 1985; Gov. Aerial views of SLU Campus (2); Aerial views
of Library, Lucius McGehee Hall, University Center and SLU Campus (5 copies); SLU
students and basketball players; Drs. G. Warren Smith, Larry Crain, and unidentified
persons; Nine unidentified photos; Renditions and aerial views of General Dynamics