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Lucy Barrett

Photo Collection

BARRETT, LUCY P., PHOTOGRAPHS These are large photographs on poster board located in closed stacks

1. "Pagoda," Tivoli Gardens, Denmark; no date

2. "Beautiful Norway," Exhibited in 1971 Louisiana Photography Salon, Louisiana Arts Commission, Old State Capitol.

3. "Mother & Child;" Exhibited in 1963 at The Four States Camera Club, Texarkana for The Gulf States Camera Club Council Intra Club Competition.

4. "Snap Decoteau;" December, 1972

5. "Time Means Nothing;" August, 1974

6. "Betty Lou," informal portrait; Exhibited in 1967 Mississippi Coast Camera Club.

7. "Madonna;" December, 1967

8. "The Buddah's Throne," (Avery Island); October 1965

9. "Rosedown;" no date--(See also #101)

10. "Winter Garden;" March 1974

11. "Norway Fjord;" no date

12. "San Blas Islands," (Panama); July 1969

13. "House and Snow;" March 1974

14. SLU Music Building; no date--(See also #96)

15. "Church Window;" March 1973

16. "Sun and Shadows;" Exhibited 1964 Houston International Exhibition of Photography--(See #52).

17. "Chinese Pagoto" - no date

18. Photograph of brick church nestled among trees; no title or date--(See also #79).

19. Photograph of a cascading waterfall; no title or date

20. The Image of "Lucifer;" no date

21. Photographic portrait of an unidentified woman; no title or date

22. Photograph of two elegant statues, no title; 1959

23. "Boys Playing;" December 1960

24. "Mother Llama and Baby;" no date

25. Photograph of a latticework and a shingled roof; no title or date

26. "The Thread Maker;" Exhibited Corpus Christi Camera Club

27. Map of Russia

28. "Reflections;" October 1966

29. Photograph of a shingled roof of house showing chimney and a window; no title or date

30. Photograph of three stemmed glasses; no title or date

31. "Bok Tower," Florida; April 1974

32. "Cathedral," Florida; April 1974

33. "Dogwood Lane;" March 1974--(See also #104)

34. "Star Gazing;" November 1975

35. Color print, stained glass window; no title or date--not matted.

36. Destrehan Plantation; no date

37. "Loaf of Bread & Jug of Wine;" no date--(See also #77 & #85)

38. Reflections of "Buddah's Temple;" no date

39. "Texture;" no date

40. Photograph of historic ruins(?); no title or date

41. "The White Pitcher;" no date

42. Photograph of unidentified child with doll in a carriage; no title or date

43. Photograph of mountains and trees; no title or date


44. "The Little Country Church;" September 1975

45. Golden Gate Bridge; no date

46. Color photograph--lake, bridge, autumn tones; no title or date.

47. "Asphodel Plantation;" April 1977

48. "Upstairs, Downstairs;" no date--(See also #78)

49. Photograph of flag waving over Statue of Liberty double exposure; no title or date

50. Statue of Madonna and child in a wreath setting surrounded by candles; no title or date

51. Statue of Liberty; no date

52. "Sun and Shadows"--(See also #16)

53. Color--brick home, arches, grillwork fountain in garden area; no title or date--not matted.

54. "Study in Gradation;" September 1975

55. "Invisible Mood;" February 1975

56. Gazebo at Rosedown Plantation--(See also #82)

57. Photograph of unidentified suspended bridge; no title or date

58. Photograph of unidentified unusually-designed house; no title or date

59. "Iron Pot;" November 1974

60. "Hawaiian Dancers;" December 1977

61. Photograph of Panamanian woman; no title or date

62. "The Old Cannon;" June 1976

63. "Madonna;" no date

64. "In Memory of Cartier;" December 1974

65. 500 Year-Old Church; no title or date

66. Photograph of child, sitting on a chair, holding a doll; no title or date.

67. "Coffee Time;" no date

68. "Mountains;" March 1977

69. Cuna Indian, Panama; August 1967

70. Longue Vue Gardens, Metairie; no date--(See also #86)

71. "Fruit;" no date

72. "City Under the Storm;" October 1977

73. "Hawaii Falls;" January 1977

74. "Tivoli Gardens," Denmark; no date

75. "Texture in Rocks;" no date

76. Hughes Portrait; no date

77. "Loaf of Bread & Jug of Wine"--(See also #37 & 85)

78. "Upstairs, Downstairs"--(See also #48)

79. "Church Shadows"--(See also #18--smaller print)

80. Color print--11 x 14, statue with basket of flowers

81. "Have a Martini;" February 1967

82. Gazebo at Rosedown Plantation--(Similar to #56)

83. "Cacti," a cactus garden in Hawaii; no date

84. Andes Mountains, South America--color print--11 x 14; no date

85. "Loaf of Bread & Jug of Wine"--(See also #37 & 77)

86. Longue Vue Gardens--(See also #70)

87. Palm at St. Augustine Fort, Florida; no date

88. "Crusader Cross;" December 1965

89. Russian Tower; no date


90. Japanese Lantern; June 1978

91. Photograph of ancient Mexican or South American monument with steps--(See also #99)

92. "Pitcher & Mug;" August 1975

93. Black gentlemen outfitted in Confederate regalia holding CSA money; no title or date.

94. "Our Mansion," Governor's Mansion," Baton Rouge, Louisiana

95. Photograph of a man with two steers; January, 1970--(See also #102)

96. SLU Music Building--(See also #14)

97. Picket Fence; May 1973

98. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

99. Photograph of ancient Mexican or South American monument with steps; no date--(See #91)

100. A French Quarter corner; no date

101. Rosedown Plantation; no date--(See also #9)

102. "Twin Steer"--(See also #95)

103. "Closed Doors;" February 1966

104. "Dogwood Forest;" no date--(See also #33)

105. "The Art Alley," French Quarter; March 1963

106. Lapp Boy and Reindeer; November 1966

107. Photograph of unidentified woman; no title or date

108. "Machu Picchu;" no date--11 x 14

109. Color photo of a portion of a city--(Similar to #48 & #78)--not matted