Joe Demarco

Photo Collection


Photographs (scanned on the computer):

a) 1932, Mary, Johnnie, Daddy, Vito, Vito (2½ x 4¼)

b) ca. 1934, La. Dept. of Agriculture berry inspector with three men looking on (3 x 4½)

c) Joe Demarco, strawberry association broker (3 x 4½)

d) Auctioneer with berry buyers from Chicago and Eastern Seaboard Cities (3 x 4½)

e) Farmers waiting to find out what berries would bring from auctioneers (3 x 4½)

f) Loading strawberries for shipment to Chicago (3 x 4½)

g) ca. 1934, Joe Demarco Store and filling station on U. S. Hwy. 51, ½ mile south of I-55,

across from Little Johnny’s Seafood (3 x 5)

h) In store-- Mr. Autin, John J. Dimarco, Dominic Casiopia, Lewis Alack, Joe Pomitere

i) Cow on Joe Demarco’s farm

j) Joe Demarco Home, Side view

k) Joe Demarco Home, Front view

l) Family Gathering, Joe Demarco in rear

m) Joe Demarco on tractor, home in rear

n) Joe Demarco on tractor

o) Tractor in field

p) Joe Demarco, Strawberry Association Broker

q) Tourist Court, Forest Grill

r) Joseph Dimarco, 1937, 52 years old, color

s) Joseph Dimarco, 1937, 52 years old, B&W

t) Demarco Strawberry label

u) Demarco Family, Children of Joe: (back rowsons) Frank, Joe, Sam, Vincent, Johnny;

(front rowdaughters) Mary Demarco Huebinger, Cecilia Demarco Giannobile, Anna Deliberto Demarco (wife of Joe and mother of children), Vita Demarco

v) Joe and Anna Demarco, Memorial picture

w) Demarco sons: Frank, Joe, Sam, Vince, and John

x) Demarco daughters: Cecilia, Vita, and Mary