Fort Pike

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General P. G. T. Beauregard, a Confederate general. He helped redesign Fort Pike in the 1850s during a period of remodeling. Beauregard was also an army engineer.

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Joseph gilbert totten, born in New Haven Connecticut on April 17, 1788. He entered West Point almost as soon as its doors were open and was commissioned second lieutenant, Corps of Engineers on July 1, 1805. He was chief engineer of the army for 26 years. In 1863 he was elevated to the grade of brigadier general, U. S. Army; and following his sudden death from pneumonia in Washington on April 22, 1864, was posthumously breveted major general. He was buried in the Congressional Cemetery.

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Guns in a Barbette. A picture of a South Carolina fort that resembles Fort Pike. Fort Pike would look like this picture if it had the guns pictured here.

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Plans of the Officers Quarters. They are on the northwest bastion for Fort Pike.

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Plans for the complete Fort Pike complex from Rigolets to Lake Pontchartrain including the Fort-Shell Road-Hospital.

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Plan of Hospital Site at Fort Pike complex.

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Birds-eye view of the military Fort Pike from Rigolets to Lake Pontchartrain.