Hammond, Louisiana

Post Card Collection

HAMMOND, LOUISIANA: POSTCARDS (Drawn by B'Yon students in 1978-79 school year.)

Pix # Date of Pix Size of Pix No. of Pix Kind of image Negative

1 1978-79 3 x 5 1 B&W postcard none

Drawing is of the old Saik Hotel in Historic Downtown Hammond.

2 1978-79 3 x 5 1 B&W postcard none

Drawing of the Jack Bahm Cash Store. postcard reads "Did you know that Jack Bahm's is one of the oldest buildings in Hammond? Little is known about this glorious building. It was built in the early 1900s. It is made of red and white brick, with glass windows and a wooden inside."

3 1978-79 3 x 5 2 B&W postcard none

Drawing of the Columbia Theater. Postcard reads "The Columbia Theater is located on the corner of Thomas and Cherry Streets in Hammond. If you were to estimate the most famous things about this building it would have to be the water tank, the height, and the fine details on both the inside and the outside. Because of it's height the Colombia theater has a water tank of the top of the roof. This is needed because if there was a fire there would be no way to put it out on the top levels."

4 1978-79 3 x 5 1 B&W postcard none

The Old Guaranty Bank. Postcard reads "This building was built in 1907. It has elaborate corner pieces made of pressed tin. The first story was refaced in 1927, the windows, doors, and jack arches of 1907 were retained and treated in 1927 also. This building was constructed of stone blocks and grey-painted bricks. This very historic building is located on the corner of East Thomas and South Cate streets. It is presently owned by the Southeastern Development corporation."

5 1978-79 3 x 5 1 B&W postcard none

Picture of outline of the tops of some building in the Hammond Historic District and reads "Hammond historic district...its worth saving".

6 1978-79 3 x 5 2 B&W postcard none

Picture of four buildings in the historic district with the caption "do you know these buildings?"

7 1978-79 3 x 5 1 B&W postcard none

Drawing of the Morrison Building. It reads "The Morrison Building on North Cypress and East Thomas was Hammond's 1st three-story brick building. Built in 1904 by Benjamin N. Morrison, the sturdy materials used are one of the reasons it still stands today. It was used as a variety store and there were several different stores inside the building. It also had an old-fashioned elevator used to load heavy materials. The Morrison Building is presently owned by Mr. Andrew Gasaway."