Mrs. Ellis C. (Joyce) Magee

Photo Collection

MAGEE, MRS. ELLIS C. (JOYCE) Tangipahoa and Livingston Parish Photographs, October 1990


Row 1, Neg. 20

--Annie Wascom Randall (1873-1905), Hammond, Louisiana (Born in Livingston Parish)

Row 1, Neg. 19; Row 2, Neg. 21

--Demarcus Davenport Day, Jr. (1858-1930), born in Greensburg, Louisiana-died in Kentwood, Louisiana

Mariah Elizabeth Newsom Day (1862-1948), born in Liberty, Mississippi-died in Kentwood, Louisiana (Longtime resident of St. Helena Parish)

Row 2, Neg. 23 & 24; Row 3, Neg. 23 & 24

--Solomon Causey Randall, born Copiah County, Mississippi, 1865-died September 6, 1934, served as Police Chief of Hammond, Louisiana. Had first police uniforms in Hammond

Row 2, Neg. 22; Row 3, Neg. 22

--Mary Cowart Wascom Darouse, Hammond, Louisiana (Grandmother of Juanita Randall Lambert, mother of Annie Wascom Randall, We called her "Ma")

Row 3, Neg. 21

--Clinton Henry Randall (1892-1968), lifelong resident of Hammond

Dolly May Day Randall (1899-1983), born St. Helena Parish-died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, longtime resident of Hammond (Picture circa 1920s)

Row 4, Neg. 1

--Elizabeth Martin Randall (b. March 9, 1824-d. December 27, 1901), Hammond, Louisiana

Row 4, Neg. 0

--Rachael Cowart Frye, Mary Cowart Wascom, and John Wascom, Hammond, Louisiana (Picture 1920)

Magee, Mrs. Ellis (Joyce) collection

Pix # Date of pix Size of pix No of pix Kind of image Negative

1. Unknown 5x7 1 B&W print yes

Annie Wascom Randall (1873-1905)

2. Unknown 5x7 1 B&W print yes

Demarcus Davenport Day, Jr. (1858-1930); Mariah Elizabeth Newsom Day (1862-1948)

3. Unknown 5x7 3 B&W print yes

Solomon Causey Randall (1865-1934)

4. Unknown 5x7 4 B&W print yes

Mary Cowart Wascom Darouse

5. 1920’s 5x7 1 B&W print yes

Clinton Henry Randall (1892-1968); Dolly May Day Randall (1899-1983)

6. Unknown 5x7 1 B&W print yes

Elizabeth Martin Randall (1824-1901)

7. 1920’s 5x7 1 B&W print yes

Rachael Cowart Frye, Mary Cowart Wascom, and John Wascom