Magee--Washington Parish Fair

Photo Collection


Roll No. 1

Group 1. Loaned by Howard Simmons

Neg. 0A James Osbon Simmons

Neg. 1A Eva Magee Simmons

Neg. 2A Front Row-L to R: Stella Magee, Effie Magee Willoughby, Clothtilde Magee Carter, Velma Magee Mullings; Back Row-L to R: Eva Magee Simmons, Jesse I. Magee, Robert Daniel Magee, Jr., Ada Magee Babington

Group 2

. Loaned by Thos. B. Stanley, Jr.

Neg. 3A This is the Magee home on Bene St., Franklinton, built in 1908. This picture taken in 1908 or 1909. Mrs. Henry Willis Magee (Mary Salina Magee Magee), Winnie Magee (Lane), Doris Magee (Foil-Pay), Roberta Magee (Bateman), Maurice Magee, Clarence Clyde Magee, Henry Prentiss Magee, (Wilton Willis Magee not shown), Lou Magee (Bateman), Myrtie Magee (Byrd), Lela Vestula Magee (Pearson)

Group 3

. Loaned by Jerry Dick

Neg. 4A Rev. Charles T. Corkern and Mollie Magee Corkern

Neg. 5A Same as 4A

Neg. 6A Adolphe and Amanda Gayer and children. Grace Lewis to Adolph's right, Amanda Gayer to her mother, Amanda's left. Sadie Gayer McFarland in back. The two smaller children unidentified.

Neg. 7A Miss Annette Corkern, daughter of C. T. and Mollie Corkern

Neg. 8A Linea Amanda Magee Gayer

Neg. 9A Sons of Adolphe Gayer and Amanda Magee Gayer. Back Row-L to R: Charles J., Homer, Theodore, Herman Front Row-L to R: Frank, Louis, Harry

Neg. 10A Family of Zechariah T. Magee and Wife Timmie Morris of the Spring Hill Community. The building is the store of E. L. Magee--all their children (living) when picture made. J. T. Magee, Mollie Corkern, Joe N. Magee, Eugene Magee, M. M. Magee (Be???), Ida Simmons

Neg. 11A Gayer Brothers, L to R: Louis, Frank, Harry, Charles, Theodore, and Herman

Group 4

. Loaded by Gloria Magee Alston

Neg. 12A Eldridge Magee, Mary Salena's father

Neg. 13A Audrey Bickham Magee (b. 11/22/1899), daughter of Ida Self Bickham

Neg. 14A Wilton Magee (b. 9/10/1891-d. 1/12/1956), son of Mary Selena and Henry Willis

Neg. 15A Ida Self Bickham, daughter of Dorcas Bankston and Levi Self, 1940s

Neg. 16A Same as 15A

Neg. 17A Mary Selena Magee, daughter of Eldridge Magee

Neg. 18A L to R: Lou Magee, Myrti Magee, Lela, Henry Willis Magee, Doris, Mary M. Magee holding Clarence, next to Mrs. Magee was Winnie, behind her was Wilton, Prentiss and Maurice (Picture taken about 1903)

Neg. 19A Clarence Magee, b. 1/22/1902-d. 7/4/1963

Neg. 20A Maurice Magee


Written on a piece of paper with above pictures:

Eldridge (b. 5/18/1829-d. 2/27/1854), Mary Selena (b. 4/4/1866-d. 9/15/1954), Lela Magee (b. 4/11/1885-d. 7/17/1976), Myrti (b. 4/21/1887-d. 1/20/1967), Lou Amanda (b. 6/23/1889-d. 9/12/1929), Wilton Willis (b. 9/10/1891-d. 2/12/1956), Henry Prentiss (b. 9/23/1893-d. 6/13/1973), Maurice Magee (b. 12/11/1895-?1964), Winnie Magee (b. 9/7/1898-Still Living), Doris Magee (b. 6/26/1900-d. 2/24/1985), Clarence Magee-the baby (b. 1/22/1902-d.7/4/1963), Roberta is not shown on picture Ida Self Bickham, daughter of Dorcas Bankston and Levi Self Audrey B. Magee-b. 2/3/1873-d. 1/31/1957

Group 5

. Loaned by Betty Pittman

Neg. 21A Zachariah Magee (1839-1904) and Timmie Morris Magee (1839-1914)--Zachariah Magee Family

Neg. 22A James Thomas Magee and Roseanne Corkern Magee--Zachariah Magee Family

Neg. 23A James Thomas Magee (Jimmy)--Zachariah Magee Family

Roll No. 2

Group 6. Loaned by Betty Saint

Neg. 1 Henry Prentiss Magee

Group 7

. Loaned by Bevin J. Creel

Neg. 2 L to R: Edmund Andrews Burris-b. 3/6/1864

Ophelia Pope Burris-b. 10/15/1892

Ruth Olivia Bateman Burris-b. 11/26/1871

Robert Hampton Burris-b. 12/25/1891

Neg. 3 Percy Toney, son of Robert Lee Toney and Lillie Magee, and his wife Irma

Neg. 4 Allie Bateman

Neg. 5 Mary Winfred Bateman Magee-b. 4/20/1867, m. A. G. Magee, Sr.

Neg. 6 Gabriellen Ellis Bateman; child unidentified

Neg. 7 Seated--Gabriellen Ellis-b. 1844-d. 1933, m. Hugh Lawson Bateman; couple standing behind her unidentified

Neg. 8 L to R: John Wesley Bateman; Bertha M. Spring, wife of Wesley Bateman; Jeni Magee, wife of Will Bateman; Wm. Madison Bateman; Mary W. Bateman Magee (75th birthday), wife of A. G. Magee, Sr. is standing in front of Bertha.

Neg. 9 Mary Winfred Bateman-b. 1867-d. 1955, m. Albert G. Magee, Sr.

Neg. 10 Albert G. Magee Family; L to R: 1-Odile Magee, b. 1898-Living, m. Jewell M. Toney; 2-Wm. "Bill" Jacob Magee, b. 1893-d. 1974, m. Alice E. Daniel; 3-John Hampton Magee, b. 1905-d. 1989, m. Mildred Brock; 4-Mary Winfred Bateman, b. 1867-d. 1955, m. Albert George Magee, Sr.; 5-Albert G. Magee, Jr., b. 1908, m. Alma Branch; 6-Claude Albert Magee, b. 1896-d. 1972, m. Grace V. Bahm

Neg. 11 1-Mary Winfred Bateman Magee; 2-Mary Louise Magee Brumfield; 3-Mildred Louise Brock Magee; 4-Claude Albert Magee; 5-Odile Magee Toney; 6-Grace Vernon Bahm Magee; 7-Jewell Magee Toney; 8-Claude A. Magee, Jr.; 9-Alma Branch Magee; 10-Albert George Magee, Jr.; 11-John Hampton Magee, Sr.; 12-Willis Danny Magee; 13-Eloise Magee Martin; 14-Alice Eudora Daniel Magee; 15-Wm. Jacob "Bill" Magee; 16-Mary Evelyn Magee McDaniel

Neg. 12 L to R: Vandelia Bateman, b. 1876-1939, m. Jacob Carter Foil; Wm. Madison Bateman,


b. 1878-d. 1949, m. Jeni Magee; Mary Winfred Bateman, b. 1867-1955, m. A. G. Magee, Sr.

Neg. 13 Jake Foil Family; L to R-1st Row: Gary Foil, Vandelia Bateman Foil, Betty Jean Butler Brock, Mike Foil; Back Row: ?; ?; ?; Mildred Foil; ?; Maude Foil Ward; Eleanor Butler Bridges; Myra Foil Butler; Homer Butler?

Neg. 14 Aunt Odile Magee, b. 6/6/1898; Uncle Jewell Magee Toney-April 1963 printed on front of picture

Neg. 15 l-Mary Winfred Bateman, b. 1865, m. Albert G. Magee, Sr.; 2-John Wesley Bateman, b. 1884, m. Bertha Spring; 3-Daniel Franklin Bateman, b. 1875, m. 1st-Mollie Fisher, 2nd-Margaret Williams; 4-Clara Bateman, b. 1883, m. Wm. Eugene Magee; 5-unidentified

Neg. 16 L to R: John Hampton Magee, b. 1905-d. 1989, m. Mildred Brock; John Wesley Bateman, b. 1884-d. 1969, m. Bertha Spring; Wm. Jacob Magee, b. 1893-d. 1974, m. Alice Daniel; Claude Albert Magee, b. 1896-d. 1972, m. Grace Bahm; Odile Magee Toney, b. 1898, m. Jewel M. Toney; Albert George Magee, Jr., b. 1908, m. Alma Branch; Standing in front is Mary Winfred Bateman Magee, b. 1865-d. 1955, m. A. G. Magee, Sr.

Neg. 17 Same as 16

Neg. 18 John Wesley Bateman and Mary Winfred Bateman Magee

Neg. 19 Mary Winfred Bateman, b. 4/20/1867-d. 12/13/1955, m. 12/23/1886 to Albert George Magee, Sr.

Neg. 20 L to R: Claude Albert Magee, b. 1896, m. Grace V. Bahm; Albert Geo. Magee, Jr., b. 1908, m. Alma Branch; Odile Magee, b. 1898, m. Jewell M. Toney; Wm. Jacob Maee, b. 1893, m. Alice Daniel; John Hampton Magee, b. 1905, m. Mildred Brock

Neg. 21 Wm. Jacob Magee, Claude Albert Magee, Mary Winfred Bateman Magee, Albert George Magee, Jr., John Hampton Magee; written on back of picture is March 1947

Neg. 22 Albert George Magee, Sr. and Mary Winfred Bateman Magee on their wedding day, 12/23/1886

Neg. 23 Albert George Magee, Sr., b. 12/13/1865-d. 4/19/1950, m. Mary Winfred Bateman

Neg. 24 L to R: Ruth Olivia Bateman, b. 1871-d. 1939, m. Edmund A. Burris; Gabriellen Ellis, b. 1844-d. 1933, m. Hugh Lawson Bateman; Mary Winfred Bateman, b. 1867-d. 1965, m. Albert George Magee, Sr.; Emma Vandelia Bateman, b. 1876-d. 1939, m. Jacob Carter Foil

Roll No. 3

Group 7. Loaned by Bevin J. Creel Continued

Neg. No # John Hampton Magee, Sr.

Neg. 0A John Hampton Magee, Sr.

Neg. 1A Hugh and Gabe Ellis Bateman Family taken about 1900

(I have xeroxed two pages of names for this picture)

Neg. 2A John Wesley Bateman

Group 8

. Loaned by Jesse H. Bankston

Neg. 3A Talitha (Magee) Bankston (daughter of Heziah Magee) b. 7/4/1840-d. 7/1/1909, married to Leslie Bankston, Dec. 27, 1859 (An obituary card)

Neg. 4A Talitha (Magee) Bankston-close up of samll picture in middle of obituary card


Group 9

. Loaned by Margie Welch

Neg. 5A Calvin Knight

Neg. 6A Edward M. Bailey, m. Sue Elizabeth Knight

Neg. 7A Mrs. Sue Elizabeth Knight Bailey

Neg. 8A Same as 7A

Neg. 9A Mrs. Calvin Knight

Neg. 10A Same as 9A

Group 10.

Loaned by Myrtle Bailey

Neg. 11A Mary Ella Magee, b. 1/20/1875-d. 5/18/1953, 5th child of Elbert Magee, wife of Charlie Bankson

Group 11

. Loaned by Elizabeth Gibson

Neg. 12A Jeanette Garrett Magee (3rd wife) and James (Jimmy) Magee-no children; Nathan Tullos in background

Neg. 13A James Thomas Magee, b. Dec. 15, 1860-d. Oct. 29, 1940 and 1st wife Rose Ann Corkern, b. 1862-d. Dec. 26, 1901. They had ten children: (I have xeroxed the list of children)

Neg. 14A Zachariah Thomas Magee and Timmie Morris Magee; Children-James Thomas Magee, Marion Monroe Magee (Bud), Eugene (Gene) Magee, Joe Magee, Joel Magee, Ida Magee Simmons (The above was told to me by my grandmother Eva Elizabeth Magee Tullos)

Neg. 15A Zachariah Thomas Magee and Timmie Morris Magee

Group 12.

Loaned by Clara Thomas

Neg. 16A John and Evie Magee, 1919, Delhi, La. (They were in Franklinton, house guests of his sister Beulah Magee Bickham)

Neg. 17A Same as 16A

Neg. 18A Revival Sunday, July 13, 1947, at Fred Thomas home-L to R: Beulah Magee Bickham, daughter of John Magee III; Noema Magee Grady, daughter of Benjamin Magee, Jr.; Vanda Magee Warren, daughter of Huey Ginn Magee; Alice Robbins Foil, daughter of Eliza Graves Robbins, and granddaughter of Arcadia Magee Graves (This picture represents four of Benjamin Magee I granddaughters)

Neg. 19A Beulah Magee Bickham at home Jan 1, 1940 (Charles Kulhawy, a photographer and his wife Elizabeth Andrews of N. O. were weekend guests of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Thomas and dinner guests of Beulah's family for New Years. Charles insisted on making this picture-note placing of objects. This is Jane Andrews Magee's spinning wheel. Beulah was frequently invited to visit Franklinton schools to demonstrate use of spinning wheel.

Neg. 20A Gabriellen Andrews, b. 1831-d. 1908, m. Dr. William Luke Magee, b. 1833-d. 1861 buried in Tylertown. They had two daughters-one, Mary married an Edwards in Franklinton. She was daughter of Edmund Andrews and Dorcas Magee-great aunt of Beulah Magee-a half sister to J. W. Andrews, etc. (Picture was given by cousin Martina Ellis Buck of Amite)

Neg. 21A Mary Ann Magee

Neg. 22A Jacob and Mary Scott Magee, grandparents of Dr. William Luke Magee, b. 1833-d. Nov. 9, 1861

Neg. 23A Same as 22A


Neg. 24A Mr. and Mrs. W. H. (Billy) and Beulah Bickham with their second oldest child Mary Olivia Bickham, b. 3/1/1901. Picture made at their home on Homestead of John Magee III on Pine Hwy. Homestead date September 1890.

Roll No. 4

Group 12. Loaned by Clara Thomas Continued

Neg. 0 Same as Roll 3, Neg. 24A

Neg. 1 Beulah Elizabeth Magee Bickham and William Hinson Bickham (Imogene's)

Neg. 2 John W. Magee III, b. 4/15/1836-d. 2/1/1895, husband of Jane Andrews Magee, son of Benjamin and Terry Ginn Magee, Beulah Magee Bickham's parents, grandfather of Clara B. Thomas, C.S.A. 1861-65

Neg. 3 Same as Neg. 2

Neg. 4 Jane Andrews Magee, b. 11/25/1843-d. 11/4/1914, wife of John W. Magee III. Daughter of J. Warren and Sarah E. Ellis Andrews, mother of Beulah Magee Bickham, grandmother of Clara B. Thomas. First female teacher mentioned in histories of Washington Parish schools.

Group 13.

Loaned by Ellen Levy

Neg. 5 Dr. Brock

Neg. 6 Tate M. Magee, Fannie Magee, Ellen Magee

Neg. 7 Ferdinand Marvin Magee, Mary Ellen Magee, Fannie Victoria Bateman Magee

Neg. 8 Eustace Henderson Magee, Mary Ellen Magee, Maurice Foil

Neg. 9 L to R: Hubert David Magee, Fannie Victoria Bateman Magee, Ferdinand Marvin Magee, Brock Louise Magee, Margurete Magee (Robert)

Neg. 10 Ferd Magee Family, 1st Row-L to R: Brock Magee Moore, daughter; Fannie V. Bateman Magee, Mother; Ferd M. Magee, Father; Margurete Magee Robert, daughter; 2nd Row-L to R: Tate M. Magee, son; Ellen Magee Levy, daughter; Hubert Magee, son; Thad Magee, son

Neg. 11 Ferd Marvin Magee 80th birthday; Brock Louise Magee Moore, Tate Marvin Magee, Mary Ellen Magee Levy, Margurete Magee Robert

Neg. 12 David Self and Margaret Ella Bateman, b. 4/16/1871-d. 1936

Neg. 13 Same as Neg. 12

Group 14.

Loaned by R. Le Gette Burris

Neg. 14 Stephen Hampton Burris, b. 7/20/1870-d. 5/9/1914; son of James M. Burris and Sarah Ellis; grandson of Mary Polly Magee and Rev. Stephen Ellis; great grandson of William Magee I and Mary Margret James

Neg. 15 Same as Neg. 14

Group 15

. Loaned by Nurcelia Magee Stringfield

Neg. 16 Jack Stanley Jones, b. 9/23/1918-d. 8/1/1943

Neg. 17 Robert Elbert Magee, b. 6/15/1878-d. 3/4/1961 and Florence Adeline Magee Wascom Magee, b. 8/9/1871-d.8/31/1941