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Randall Overstreet Collection

Photo Collection

Folder 1

1. Beverly Ballard Overstreet in Uniform.

2. Randall Kevin Overstreet, St. Luke’s Hospital Baby Picture 3-23-60.

3. Beverly Ballard Overstreet Grave.

4. Kenneth Overstreet, Martin, Pitcher, and Appleby posing with Japanese Flag 1945.

5. Carey Bennet at Rui Namur Police Headquarters 10-27-76.

6. Four Men Posing, Kenneth is Squatting, 1945.

7. Men Posing in front of Tents, 1945.

8. Silver Dollar with the name "Ken" etched into it.

Folder 2

1. President Roosevelt Signing the Social Security Bill, August 14, 1935 (Reprint).

2. 4th Marine Division Reunion - 1978.

3. Scrapbook (Black): Contains 56 Pictures.

4. K.M.O. Photobook 1947: Contains 58 Pictures.