American College Dance Festival


Ashli Tallo, Choreographic Spotlight

Ashli Tallo, a graduate student, is the choreographer that has been selected to represent Southeastern's dance program by presenting her choreography at the American College Dance Festival in February 2012. Southeastern has a reputation of strong choreography and powerful performers; our dances and performers have been honored on the regional and national level. Keep up the tradition, Ashli!

American College Dance Festival Association


What is it?
The American College Dance Festival is a regional dance conference in which participants attend 4 days of classes, lectures, and performances.


Who will attend?
The festival is attended by faculty and students from colleges and universities in the region. Southeastern Louisiana University is in the South-Central Region. Universities within the region will rotate hosting the festival. Each university selects the dancers they will bring by their own means. There are usually about 500 festival participants.


What will participants do at the festival?
Students and faculty will attend master classes and lectures given by the faculty of other universities attending the festival. Participants will also attend daily performances by their peers and professionals. Each university can bring student and faculty choreography to present and perform for all festival attendees. This choreography is adjudicated by a panel of professionals and festival participants will hear valuable feedback on the works by the adjudicators. Festival participants can also attend master classes taught by the adjudicators.


When is the festival?
The American College Dance Festival is held each spring at a different host college or university within the South-Central Region.


What benefit will I receive from attending?
Faculty and students will enhance their dance education a great deal by attending the festival. It gives students an opportunity to take multiple classes with various instructors in a variety of dance forms and subjects. It enables university faculty to teach master classes to faculty and students in other dance programs in the region. Presenting choreography at the festival provides the choreographer with the opportunity to receive constructive criticism and feedback from their peers and dance professionals.


Will there be scholarship opportunities?
Scholarships to attend workshops at dance schools or with dance professionals are awarded to talented dancers. It is also a great opportunity to meet and talk to professionals about the field of dance and inquire about training and performance opportunities.


Are there awards presented at the festival?
From all of the dances presented at the festival by various universities, the adjudicators select a number of outstanding dances to be presented at the Gala Presentation on the last night of the festival. From these dances, three are selected for the National presentation usually held at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. at the end of the spring.