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Moxie Dance Project Members


What is Moxie Dance Project?

Moxie Dance Project is an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of the Art of Dance by presenting creative, thought provoking, entertaining, and challenging dance works for the community, as well as participating in activities for the advancement of Dance Education in Louisiana.

The Moxie Dance Project performs at various venues on campus and off campus throughout the semester.


Every year the Moxie Dance Project attends the American College Dance Festival. Each university can bring a maximum of two choreographed works performed and choreographed by students and faculty members. There are approximately eight nights of showcases throughout the duration of festival. Ten to twelve of all of the pieces performed are chosen to attend and perform in the prestigious gala on the final night, the highest honor of the festival. The recent Southeastern graduate, Ashli Tallo,  choreographed a solo "Leaves A Space" performed by Kaleigh Brandt and Southeastern faculty member, Dana Brewer-Plazanic, choreographed a piece entitled "Fetching" performed by Kaleigh Brandt, Ashli Tallo, and Giara Major. Both of the works were chosen for the Gala. This is very unusual that two works, from the same university, were selected. This reflects highly on our organization, faculty, students and performers. Southeastern received this same honor of having both pieces selected for the "Gala" in 2010 when Nicole Judson presented "Vague Variations" and Jeoffery Harris presented "River Rise". Both of these student pieces were selected for the "Gala" concert and Jeoffery Harris' piece was one of 3 pieces selected for the National Presentation at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in May of 2010. This is an extremely high honor for Southeastern's Dance Program


Are there member dues?

There are dues of $5 for all members of Moxie Dance Project each semester.


 How do I join?

There are auditions held every semester for students to audition for the opportunityto perform with us. Please visit Auditions to learn more information on the time and place of the auditions.


Contact for more information.