Student Ambassadors

The Office of Experiential Learning funds five, competitive, Student Ambassador Scholarships of up to $1,000 annually to students willing to promote the benefits of experiential learning.

The requirements are:

  1. Must be a Southeastern student in good academic standing.
  2. Must have completed at least 30 credit hours.
  3. Must have completed at least one experiential-learning opportunity such as service-learning, study abroad, research, civic engagement, or an internship in high school or college.
  4. Must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75.
  5. Must have a strong work ethic.
  6. Must be able to produce quality work.
  7. Must be enrolled full time at Southeastern.
  8. Must be willing to attend informational and planning meetings during the academic year.
  9. Must be able and willing to assist the Office of Experiential Learning and the EL Team in promoting experiential learning to student organizations, and to serve as an ad hoc committee member on Southeastern’s Real-World Ready Advisory Council.


Kathryn Bokun

My name is Kathryn Bokun, and I am a senior pursing a B.S. in Finance with a minor in Marketing. Through a conversation at BizConnect, I was accepted into an internship at Northwestern Mutual, which ranks fourth nationally overall across all industries and is the only company to be recognized in the top ten for twenty-one straight years. This experiential-learning opportunity was one of the best decision I made in my entire life. It built my confidence. It taught me how to handle rejection and how to sharpen my people skills. More importantly, I learned how to identify needs and connect with people on a meaningful level through conversation. It also made me evaluate what are important attributes of my future career. My drive to be successful isn’t necessarily driven by money or power, but I have a genuine desire to help people. I have been inspired to bring value to people’s lives.


Fabian EdwardsI’m Fabian Edwards, a senior English major. I’ve always been interested in communication, both written and verbal. In my second semester here at Southeastern, I was offered a position at KSLU, Southeastern’s radio station.  I’ve been there for nearly three years now, doing vocal recording work. The communicative skills I have had the fortune of honing at KSLU will serve me well in many aspects of life, specifically in my chosen career.  I have chosen to pursue a profession in the legal field, and verbal and written communication is a critically important component for success as an attorney. I consider myself as very fortunate for the opportunities I’ve had that have helped me become Real-World Ready.

Morgan HaganI'm Morgan Hagan. I am a junior majoring in Social Work at Southeastern. I have always found joy in helping others, which made pursuing a degree in social work an easy decision for me. Last semester, I had the opportunity to participate in the planning of the 17th Annual Together We Can conference as well as serving as a hostess of an event that featured The Honorable Judge B. Edwards. These real-world experiences have allowed me to become comfortable in a professional setting and have taught me to better communicate and connect with other professionals and experts in my field. These amazing opportunities, along with guidance from Professor Tonyalea Elam, have taught me the importance of taking information learned in the classroom and applying it to real-life situations. I am excited to serve as a Real-World Ready Ambassador and to educate my peers on the importance of “learning by doing”.


Garth KiepperMy name is Garth Kiepper. I am a Computer Science major with a scientific concentration and am participating in the University Scholars program. Additionally, I am the chapter president of the Association for Computing Machinery. Working as an intern systems engineer at Southeastern's Office of Technology has helped me become Real-World Ready. Since my first semester, I have benefited from experiential learning by working alongside Southeastern's system and network administrators to deploy network infrastructure upgrades and wireless internet in several buildings on campus. I also help secure critical systems by performing vulnerability assessments across Southeastern's network.


Morgan HaganI'm Nicole Navarre, a sophomore studying Special Education at Southeastern. I have always had a passion for working with special needs individuals. I volunteer as a coach for the Plaquemines Parish School Board Special Olympics team, and attend the Louisiana Special Olympics annual games with our athletes every year. I am quite involved with the Southeastern Student Council for Exceptional Children organization. Last year, I was the Vice President of our SCEC Chapter, and this year have assumed the role of President. As the Vice President, I helped organize, plan, and run the OPTIONS Fall Dinner and Dance that our club hosts annually for individuals with special needs. I also volunteered at our Louisiana Council for Exceptional Children Superconference that was held in January 2017. Additionally, I have become a Lions Connected mentor. Since the spring of 2017, I have been both an academic and social mentor. I attend class with one of our students, and help her with homework for that same class. I’m working hard to become Real-World Ready!