Bloomberg Center

Master of Business Administration Programs

100% In-person courses (Traditional MBA) and 100% Online courses (MITech MBA)

MBA, Executive MBA, or MITech MBA? It’s Your Future. It’s Your Choice.

The Master of Business Administration Programs at Southeastern offer students the
option to pursue the traditionally administered Master of Business Administration
(MBA), the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degrees, or the 100% online technology focused Master of Business Administration
(MITech MBA).

Both of these programs are internationally accredited by the Association to Advance
Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and offer students a practical learning experience that is designed to cultivate
the student’s knowledge and skills in order to advance in their professional endeavors.

Please take some time to explore both of these quality programs to see which may be
the right one for you. If you have any further questions or simply wish to discuss
things further, please contact our office.




MBA Mission Statement

The purpose of the Master of Business Administration curriculum is to prepare students
to assume positions of leadership and responsibility in administrative positions in
a globally competitive marketplace. The curriculum is designed to enhance the skills,
knowledge, and analytical ability of the MBA students.


Learning Goals of our Master of Business Administration Programs


Goal 1: Functional Business Knowledge

Students will have a base of knowledge and skills and the capacity to integrate them
to compete successfully in today’s marketplace.

Goal 2: Critical Thinking

Students will have critical thinking skills for problem solving and decision making.

Goal 3: Communication Skills

Students will have effective communication skills.

Goal 4: Ethical Leadership

Students will have ethical leadership skills.

Goal 5: Global Business Environments

Student will possess knowledge of the issues involved in conducting business in a
diverse, global environment.