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Dr. Cyndi Baldi

Dr. Cyndi Baldi

Assistant Professor of Management
Education: Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Location:  Garrett 43
Phone:  985/549-3078
Email:  Cindi.Baldi@southeastern.edu



Dr. Cyndi Baldi is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches Management; area of specialization is understanding how people come to identify with organizations; one pending book chapter on the topic of anticipatory organizational identification; consults in the area of organizational behavior in both private and public organizations of various sizes; on the advisory board of several businesses; started and operated a business in the motorcycle industry for 10 years prior to graduate education; teaches negotiation and management.


Margaret Boldt, Ph.D.


Dr. Margaret Boldt


Assistant Professor of Accounting
Education: Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
Location:  Garrett 44
Phone: 985/549-3598
Email: Margaret.Boldt@southeastern.edu


Dr. Margaret Boldt is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches Accounting, she is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), member of the Institute of Management Accountants. In addition, she has published numerous articles in academic, practitioner, and pedagogical journals; serves on the Board of Directors for a sizable non-profit organization; provides consulting services for small businesses and not-for-profits; holds an undergraduate degree in History from Lawrence University and a Masters of Accountancy from the University of Oklahoma; teaches management and cost accounting.

Dr. Robert Braun

 Dr. Robert Braun

Professor of Accounting
Education: Ph.D. Louisiana State University
Location:  Garrett 04
Phone: 985/549-3599
Email: BBraun@southeastern.edu



Dr. Robert Braun is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches Accounting, he has published numerous articles in leading academic, practitioner, and pedagogical journals; serves on the editorial board of a leading journal in accounting education; provides consulting and training services in ethics and decision-making; more than 20 years of university teaching experience; teaches auditing, ethics, and accounting.


Dr. Michael Budden

Dr. Michael Budden

Professor of Marketing
Education: Ph.D. University of Arkansas
Location:  Garrett 064
Phone: 985/549-5155
Email: Michael.Budden@southeastern.edu


Dr. Mike Budden teaches the graduate marketing course. He brings 20 years of academic administration experience - 14 years as a Dean of Business – and 30 years of teaching to the classroom. His consulting includes work in banking, health care, professional associations, education and marketing research firms. Dr. Budden has over 200 publications including two books and he has made academic presentations in more than a dozen countries.



Dr. Samuel Cappel 

Professor of Management
Education: D.B.A. University of Memphis
Location:  Garrett 50
Phone:  985/549-3604
Email: SCappel@southeastern.edu



Dr. Samuel Cappel is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches Management; Moreover, Dr. Cappel consults in the areas of business management/strategy; has provided training programs for both public and private employers of various sizes; three years of full time experience in manufacturing; eight years of administrative experience in health care; qualified in Federal District court to offer expert testimony in the area of business management; teaches health care management.


Robert Cope III, Ph.D.


Dr. Robert Cope III

Professor of Operations Management
Education: Ph.D. Louisiana State University
 Garrett 046
Phone: 985/549-3697
Email:  Robert.Cope@southeastern.edu



Dr. Robert Cope is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches project management. His doctorate is in Information Systems and Decision Sciences from Louisiana State University, and he has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana State University. Dr. Cope has published many articles in several peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.  Industry experience includes employment as an Underground Zone Technical Engineer with Houston Lighting & Power Company, Field Engineer with General Electric, consultant for Louisiana State University's Center for Energy Studies, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, and Acadian Consulting. Dr. Cope holds Professional Engineering Licenses in Electrical Engineering with the states of Texas and Louisiana.


John Cresson, Ph.D.


Dr. John Cresson

Associate Professor of Finance
Education: Ph.D. Texas A&M University
  Garrett 94D
Phone: 985/549-2146
Email: JCresson@southeastern.edu


Dr. John Cresson is a member of the graduate business faculty that teachesFinance. Dr. Cresson is an Associate Professor and Director of the Executive MBA program; he has served as a consultant to various businesses, individuals, and organizations, including the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Oklahoma Society of Financial Analysts, and American Express Financial Advisors; published or presented more than twenty five papers; research interests in the areas of corporate and portfolio diversification, index mutual funds, and measures of risk; awarded most outstanding MBA faculty member by MBA students; taught Finance, MBA, and EMBA classes for seven years in Oklahoma before joining the faculty at Southeastern; teaches finance.


André L. Honorée, Ph.D.


Dr. André L. Honorée

Professor of Management
Education: Ph.D. University of Mississippi
Location:  Garrett 94C
Phone:  985-549-2146



Dr. Honorée is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches a variety of management courses in both the MBA and EMBA programs.  He received his undergraduate degree in management from Southeastern Louisiana University and an MBA from Louisiana State University with a concentration in international business.  His diverse managerial research interests have led to his numerous publications of both theoretical and practitioner-oriented articles and the presentation of various topics at academic conferences. A sampling of his varied national and international referred journal publications include such topics as merit pay in the workplace, employee motivation, factors related to employment discrimination court decisions, corporate governance/strategy and international cultural differences.  Before coming to Southeastern, Dr. Honorée taught a variety of courses at a number of other academic institutions and served as a consultant to both profit and nonprofit organizations in the areas of market research/analysis and the formation of strategic plans.  In addition to his faculty position, he is also the Director of the MBA program at Southeastern.


Dr. Jay Johnson

Dr. Jay Johnson

Associate Professor of Economics
Education: Ph.D. University of Houston
Location:  Garrett 94D
Phone: 985/549-2146
Email:  Jay.Johnson@southeastern.edu


Dr. Johnson teaches graduate Managerial Economics and Energy Economics.  His doctorate in Economics is from the University of Houston.  He also has an MBA from the University of Houston and a BS in Chemistry from the University of Mississippi.  Dr. Johnson studies energy and environmental economics, industrial organization, and applied microeconomics.  He has published several articles on these subjects and articles on teaching economic principles.  He has ten years of experience teaching economics as well as 15 years of experience in research, sales, and management in the oil and gas and petrochemicals industries.


Dr. Rusty Juban

Dr. Rusty Juban

Associate Professor of Management
Education: Ph.D. University of Texas at Arlington
Location:  Garrett 09
Phone: 985/549-5930
Email: RJuban@southeastern.edu


Dr. Rusty Juban is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches management. Moreover, he worked as an executive trainer for six years with the United States Department of Agriculture and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; consultant to various businesses and organizations including government and nonprofit agencies; specialized research and publication in employee behavior, human resources, and new workplace technologies; teaches management.


Dr. Mario Krenn

Dr. Mario Krenn

Assistant Professor of Management
Education: Ph.D. Louisiana State University
Location:  Garrett 19
Phone: 985/549-3728
Email: Mario.Krenn@southeastern.edu


Dr. Mario Krenn is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches management. Dr. Krenn holds an MBA from Southeastern Louisiana University and an MS in Socio Economics from Johannes Kepler University (Austria). He has international consulting experience with private and public enterprises in the areas of logistics management (Czech Republic), health care management (Hungary), and industry experience as a business analyst for a multinational consumer electronics company (Central and Eastern European Markets). Dr. Krenn's research interests are in the areas of corporate governance, institutional theory, and management history. He regularly presents his research at the Academy of Management Meetings and received an outstanding paper award by the Academy of Management. He teaches Strategic Management.


Dr. Randall Setton

Dr. Randall Settoon

Professor of Management
Education: Ph.D. Louisiana State University
Location:  Garrett 45

Phone: 985/549-3075

Email: RSettoon@southeastern.edu



Dr. Randall Settoon is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches Management. He was the former Dean of the College of Business; management consultant to various businesses and organizations, including hospitals and parish school boards; conducted workshops on the use of technology in Online Learning; work experience as computer programmer and consultant; designed a premier distance learning course in management principles; recipient of research awards, including the Outstanding Paper Award of the Southern Management Association.  



Dr. Waikar

Dr. Avinash Waikar

Professor of Operations Management
Education: Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
Location:  Garrett 020
Phone: 985/549-3077
Email: AWaiker@southeastern.edu

Dr. Avinash Waikar is a member of the graduate business faculty that teaches 
Statistics. Dr. Waikar is a registered professional engineer with the Louisiana State Board of Professional Engineers; has approximately nine years of industrial/manufacturing experience in operations management; served as a consultant in the areas of operations management and statistics to businesses; published numerous journal articles in operations management and business; recipient of an Outstanding Paper Award; teaches statistics.



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