MBA Course Schedules & Advising

MBA Class 


Once students are accepted into the MBA program they are advised by the MBA Director to develop a customized degree plan that considers the student’s desired course load per semester (e.g., full-time or part-time), preferred choice of electives, and the rotation of course offerings throughout the year. This process allows students to know precisely when they would be eligible to complete the program and to select the proper balance of courses each semester.


All students are also advised each semester by the MBA Director to ensure progress towards graduation, to make possible alterations to the student’s degree program, and to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement of the program.


Students are to complete eleven courses (33 graduate hours) of which eight are considered core courses (required) and three are electives. Students may choose to select one 3-hour elective course at the 500-level, provided the student has not taken an undergraduate equivalent of that course. Also, no more than 2 of the 3 electives may be taken in a single academic discipline to count towards the elective degree requirement.


Degree candidates may not have earned more than six semester hours of graduate work with a grade of “C”. Further, no grade below “C” will be accepted for graduate credit.


Students are advised to consult the policies of the graduate school and the MBA program by visiting the online University General Catalogue and selecting the proper catalogue year.


Class Schedules by Semester

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