Graduate Assistantships

For information on the various types of graduate assistantships available, review
the Graduate Assistantships section of the Graduate Assistant Handbook.


Graduate Assistants Please Note:

Graduate assistants who resign or are terminated after classes begin are required
to reimburse the University for the pro-rated share of their tuition and fees and
will be ineligible for future employment as graduate assistants unless approved by
their academic dean.


Tuition Waivers

Tuition and fee waivers are provided to graduate students who hold assistantships.
The assistantship may be classified as a Graduate Teaching Fellow, Teaching Assistantship,
Research Assistantship, Professional Services Assistantship, or Administrative Assistantship.
Graduate students must apply to receive a graduate assistantship. Only students classified
as Regular or Contingent admission status are eligible for graduate assistantships.
A graduate student receiving an assistantship and the associated tuition waiver must
remain in good academic standing and is required to register for a minimum full course
load of six (6) graduate credit hours in his/her specified degree plan or program
of study to retain an assistantship.