Program Overview


Master of Science in Biology




The Department of Biological Sciences offers a wide variety of programs for students pursuing a Master of Science degree in Biology. Examples include: ecology and environmental biology, cellular and molecular biology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, genetics, and anatomy and physiology.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers two master of science options: a thesis and non-thesis option. The requirements for each of these programs are different and are described fully in the Degree Requirements link.

In general, the thesis option degree is for students who are research oriented and wish to pursue a Ph.D. or work in a research oriented field upon completion of a Masters degree. Thesis students usually require 2-3 years to complete the degree. The minimum number of credit hours to earn the thesis option degree is 30. Letters of recommendations for Ph.D. programs will only be provided to Thesis option Masters degree students. Students pursuing the Non-thesis option are required to complete 36 credit hours for the degree. Thesis research hours are not required for the non-thesis option.

Available for use by graduate students is cutting-edge teaching and research equipment located in the Biology Building, including molecular biology laboratories, a roof-top greenhouse, plant and animal collections, a vivarium, and a comprehensive electron microscopy center. The Department also maintains a separate Horticulture Center and actively utilizes the Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station located on an island in Pass Manchac between Lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain.