Master of Business Administration (MBA)



Students can complete the Master of Business Administration program while pursuing a concentration in accounting. This concentration in accounting will enable students to meet the Louisiana State Board of Certified Public Accountants requirement that at least 150 hours of college credit be completed in order to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. (For further information regarding this issue, please contact the Accounting Department Head and/or see “CPA Examination 150-Hour Education Requirement” in the Department of Accounting, College of Business section of the catalogue. Students who pursue a concentration in accounting will select their electives from the following set of courses:


Accounting 500, 506 or 542 Govt/Not for Profit, Theory, Adv Tax
Accounting 607 Advanced Auditing
Accounting 620 Advanced Accounting Information Systems
Accounting 695* Special Topics in Accounting


*Replaces MGMT 695

Students wishing to enroll in any of the above courses should ensure that they have the appropriate prerequisite(s) listed in the course description.





The overall educational objective of the Master of Business Administration degree program with the concentration in accounting is to provide students with advanced competencies, which are necessary for succeeding in higher-level positions in the profession or further graduate education.


Specific educational objectives of the program include:


  1. The program will recruit and retain students with a high potential for success primarily from undergraduate accounting programs in Southeast Louisiana, particularly the undergraduate accounting program at Southeastern Louisiana University.
  2. Students will be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the development, measurement, analysis, validation, and communication of financial and other information.
  3. Students will develop a high level of oral and written communication skills and critical thinking skills.
  4. Students will be exposed to research methodologies and will be able to use technology as a research tool.
  5. Students will have significant opportunities to expand their knowledge of global business and accounting issues.
  6. Students will develop skills that enable them to integrate functional business disciplines for strategic analysis.
  7. Students will develop significant team-building skills that enable them to work effectively in groups.
  8. Students will continue to develop an expanded sense of “professional citizenship”.
  9. Students completing the program will have the 150 credit hours necessary to sit for the CPA examination, as well as a robust foundation for the examination.
  10. Graduates of the program generally will secure placement and experience expeditious advancement in local, regional, and national CPA firms; industry; and not-for-profit and government entities located primarily in Southeast Louisiana.