Degree Requirements


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Masters of Business Administration (MBA)



An assessment of undergraduate courses will be made by the MBA Advising Coordinator or Director to determine if additional preparation for the program is needed. If a deficiency is identified, up to 12 hours of foundation courses may be added to the 33 hours required to cover business fundamentals.


Students will be required to complete any deficiency in foundation courses before scheduling degree courses. Students lacking no more than six (6) semester hours of foundation courses may enroll in graduate-level courses for one semester only while satisfying the remainder of those courses.


Students should consult the Graduate School Catalogue or visit with the graduate coordinator of the Master of Business Administration for clarification or additional information.



1. Completion of 33 semester hours of graduate work with a cumulative "B" average; and

2. A grade of "B" or better in MGMT 683.


Required courses (24 hours)
ACCT 625 Accounting for Business Decisions (3 hours)
ECON 613 Managerial Economics (3 hours)
FIN 653 Financial Policies I (3 hours)
MGMT 663 Organization Theory and Behavior (3 hours)
MGMT 683 Business Policy and Strategy, taken in last 12 hours (3 hours)
MRKT 673 Marketing Administration (3 hours)
OMIS 600 Statistical Methods in Business and Economics (3 hours)
MGMT 695* Special Topics in Management


*Substitute with ACCT 695 (Special Topics in Accounting) for Accounting Concentration


Business Elective Courses (9) hours
Elective courses must be approved by the MBA Director and must be 600 level. No more than (6) hours of electives may be taken in a single discipline except for those in the accounting concentration. Only 6 hours of study abroad credit may be used toward the degree program.