Program Overview

Master of Business Administration (MBA)



The Master of Business Administration is offered as an interdisciplinary program by the various departments in the College of Business. The overall objective of the MBA is to prepare students to assume positions of leadership and responsibility in administrative positions in a globally competitive marketplace. The curriculum is designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and analytical ability of our MBA students.

Specific objectives of the MBA program are as follows:

  1. To provide students with a common body of knowledge that is applicable to the management of private, public, and nonprofit organizations.
  2. To enhance student skills in the ability to identify problems, obtain relevant information, analyze alternatives, and implement appropriate solutions.
  3. To provide students with experience in integrating the concepts and techniques from the various functional areas of business and applying them to organization-wide problems.
  4. To promote student understanding of the problems and opportunities afforded by the various environmental forces confronting management in all types and sizes of organizations.


The graduate programs within the College of Business offer a variety of opportunities to today's diverse student population. MBA students have the flexibility of completing their degree while taking courses either day or night. Students are also provided with study abroad opportunities.


Southeastern's Executive Master of Business Administration program is designed to allow participants to continue their careers while they study to master a broad range of functional and managerial skills that will lead to further professional success. In addition, the Executive MBA program offers practicing managers and working professionals the opportunity to complete an MBA degree through a combination of Saturday and Internet class sessions.