Degree Requirements

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction


To receive the Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a student must:

  1. Complete all requirements stated in the catalogue and the candidate's degree plan.
  2. Satisfactorily complete a portfolio on PASS-PORT.
  3. Satisfactorily complete all graduate work with a cumulative “B” average. Degree candidates must earn an average of “B” or better, both cumulative and in the major area of concentration, with not more than six (6) semester hours with a grade of “C” counted toward a degree. No credit below “C” will be accepted for graduate degree credit.
  4. Satisfactorily complete a comprehensive examination or its approved equivalent.
  5. Be recommended for the degree by the student's major professor.


General course area requirements

Required Core Courses (listed below)15 hours
Concentration Courses (9-18 hours)
Support Courses (3-12 hours)


Required Core Courses (15 credit hours)

EDF 600 Educational Leadership (3 hours)
EDUC 660 Dimensions of Diversity for Education: Students, Families, Cultures, and Communities (3 hours)
SPED 667 Assessment and Instruction for Diverse Populations in Inclusive Classrooms (3 hours)
EDUC 693 Leadership for Change (3 hours)
EDUC 695 Capstone Seminar (3 hours)

Concentration Courses and Support Courses for Curriculum and Instruction

Twenty-one hours of Concentration Courses and Support Courses that meet the educational goals of candidates will be jointly determined by the faculty advisors and candidates. For candidates selecting a Secondary Education concentration or a Middle School concentration, 12 hours must be taken in courses outside the College of Education and Human Development.